Teacher Training


The Aura-Soma Colour System Teacher Training program is a structured sequence of courses designed to provide the trainee teacher with the skills and materials necessary to present the Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant training to the public.

There are currently four levels within the teacher training program, each level empowering teachers to present a further course of the Aura-Soma Colour Care System Training.

Only those who have completed courses within this Aura-Soma Teacher Training program may present Aura-Soma Colour Care Consultant training to students. The Academy certifies all such Aura-Soma students, giving each a unique identification number.

The Teacher Training program is available around the world and is taught only by the most senior teachers within the Academy. The Teacher courses are intended to provide something extra special and venues are chosen accordingly. In addition to Dev Aura, courses have been taught on the Nile in Egypt, in Crete and in Bali.

The Academy works together with the Aura-Soma teacher network in a spirit of co-operation and respect that honours and acknowledges the integrity, dedication and commitment of our teachers. We are all growing and sharing as we travel this path of consciousness and we look forward to deepening and strengthening our soul connections as we join together to bring forth the best we can offer for the highest good of all.

The Academy is committed to excellence and is continually striving to improve in all areas to ensure the highest teaching standards and practices possible. The Academy will be able to provide you with details of the pre-requisites required in order to apply to become an Aura-Soma Colour System Teacher. Once accepted onto the Teacher Training program, Aura-Soma Teachers of all levels are expected to participate in on-going training with the Academy in order to remain updated with the Aura-Soma Colour System and teaching methods.

For further details, please contact:teachertraining@asiact.org