Emerald of the Heart

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This course brings forth the understanding of the three stars in relation to the Emerald of the heart and the building of the light body. It helps to show the importance of being grounded so that we have the possibility of changing identity.

The Incarnational Star, Earth star and Soul star are intimately linked with each other and with the Emerald of the Heart. There is one star that all of humanity have in common. It is the Incarnational star that determines our incarnation into the physical plane. This star sits within the golden area of the body – just above the navel and a little way inside. It is at the point of the first cell. Within that first cell is all of the potential for the whole of the being we are yet to be. Underneath the soles of the feet we find the Earth star. This contains our destiny in relation to the Earth. Part of the unfoldment and growth of the soul essence is reliant upon consciousness moving towards the Earth star. As we become conscious of our relationship with the earth, as consciousness becomes more grounded, the Red energy becomes Pink and begins to circulate and move towards the Incarnational star in the golden area. As this process takes place it activates the Incarnational star which is like activating a hologram of all the beings we have been in the past and all the beings we are yet to be in the future.

Simultaneously and synchronously as the Pink arises, there is an equal and opposite energy which is the Magenta from above bringing energy and information from the Soul star above down towards the Incarnational star and the Emerald of the heart.

One could say that the development of the soul comes as a consequence of grounding. All the conditioned patterns for the life lie in the golden area along with the genetic lineage of the mother and father and the potential of who we could be. It is the only part of our being where the three stars together can be accessed. As the Pink moves up towards the Gold it allows the Magenta to move down towards the Turquoise through to the Emerald. Between the Magenta and the Pink is an arcing across the solar plexus. As the Pink moves on its journey towards the Emerald, it transforms the little will and digests the personality to reveal more of the essence as the essence begins to form the second body.

The Emerald contains our full destiny and the unfoldment of that destiny potential within the three stars. The Emerald has similar characteristics to the energetic field that surrounds the earth. It is not possible to open the Emerald unless one is grounded. If the Emerald opens, one comes into synchronicity with the earth.

We are all creatures of sensation, it is the human condition. The senses are all linked to the way identity is. How do we shift from identity based in sensation to a different basis of identity that could be the secret of being entirely happy? It is to look for identification in the way we do what we do, not what we do. Part of the solution is to bring the qualities of care and attention to whatever activity we find the self in; to connect with the Magenta energy. The more we practise it, the easier it becomes. To open the Emerald would be to get a glimpse of another level of being.

During this four day experiential workshop we will be working with the living energies of Aura-Soma.