Aura-Soma Discovery Day

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If you have wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System or visit Dev Aura, ‘House of Light’, here is a perfect way to take the first steps. Join like minded people in the beautiful surroundings of Dev Aura house and the Lincolnshire Wolds on a day where we have put together a special programme which will start at the very beginning in 1983 and take you up to the latest developments today.

We have planned a varied array of events and talks which will give you a better understanding of the Aura-Soma Colour System. From the very beginnings with Vicky Wall and Mike Booth, to an introduction to the bottles, to a tour of our own Shire Farm, (one of the UK’s largest biodynamic farms) where the products we grow go from ‘Soil to Soul’ in their journey to ingredients for our products and allowing you to experience the products for yourself.

Total cost of the day is only £60 (inc VAT) and includes, refreshment breaks, lunch and transfers to the farm.