The Galactic Tree of Life and Aura-Soma

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A Journey towards the Development of the 5th Dimensional Rainbow Body of Light

In this course you will be introduced to the 20 Archetypes of the Galactic Tree of Life, its 52 Paths and their relationship to the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles. We will interface the Everyday Oracle and our Personal Oracle of the 5th Force on the Tree and experience it, standing on the corresponding Spheres and walking along the Paths. While we work with the bottles of choice and their matrix, with the bottles of the Mayan Oracle and of the 3 Angels of Birth, we will explore the 3 Bodies: that of the Temple, of Destiny and of Truth with the possibility of becoming more radiant and luminous and in contact with the Noosphere…Homo Noosphericus.

‘Human consciousness is evolving towards the fifth dimensional entity; this is the purpose and function of the cultivation of mind. The mind first localizes itself in the 3rd dimension and in the 4th dimension extends into states of continuing consciousness. Here mind becomes engaged in creative meditation and superconscious functions that are composed of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions’ - Valum Votan