Cleansing & Yoga REtreat

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We are delighted to announce our upcoming UK educational, cleansing and energising Yoga Retreat hosted by Daisy Booth and set in the beautiful Lincolnshire wolds.

Join us for 5 nights of delicious juices, plant-based foods and Yoga in our beautiful light filled retreat space.

We invite complete beginners and those with more experience wishing to develop at a supportive pace to join this wonderful journey into deepening connection with body, mind and spirit, in these beautiful areas of the world.

When needed we offer beginners and separated intermediate morning classes depending on the group.

Are you ready for a complete rejuvenation?

Do you want to feel and look healthier, have more energy, and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle?

Would you love to have fun doing it? If the answer is "YES" to any of these, then a Cleanse with SAHA in Lincolnshire is the right choice for you.

The retreat venue is also part of a biodynamic farm, and its nature philosophy is evident in the beautiful gardens surrounding the centre, in the incredible home-grown food served throughout your stay, and the uplifting atmosphere that permeates throughout the space.

Explore the surrounding countryside on one of our guided walks or individually. Do some sun bathing under the English summer skies or forest bathing in the beautiful gardens under the shade of the beautiful oaks.

Join us for a fire ceremony setting intensions releasing the past and simply enjoying the fire and watching the stars.

This Retreat will leave you restored and relaxed, with a sparkle in your eye!