Marelna Du Plessis

Marelna was born in Johannesburg just as apartheid was written into the law books of South Africa. Steeped in colour issues and the polarisation of a segregated society, it is no wonder that after university, where she studied history and psychology, she qualified as a Polarity Therapist and an Aura-Soma practitioner.

Her life was spent gaining an understanding of and valuing diversity, fertile soil indeed for cultivating awareness.

For the past 20 years she has been a practising astrologer and views astrology as a map of the soul’s intent.

To simplify combining astrology and the colour system of Aura-Soma has been a creative process of many years. She offers courses in which the colour rose and its myriad of implications can be superimposed on a particular chart, creating for each participant their own, personal mandala that he or she created at the moment they drew their first breath.

She uses the Equilibrium Bottles to explore in a simple and playful way the age-old disciplines of astrology, numerology, mythology and tarot and how these contribute, clarify and affirm the guidance the universe has to offer.

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Marelna Du Plessis

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