List of Practitioners in Hungary

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Level 4 Practitioner
Básthy Tunde

Tel: 003620 9279960


Skills and Interests: Natural Healing, using and teaching Butterfly and Sea Essences, Sound and Colour Therapy, teaching special relaxation method and assertive communication, coaching, and of course Aura-Soma teacher of all levels and of PPS, Teacher of 72 Angels of Kabbalah part 1,2,3.

Level 4 Practitioner
Kociszewszki Csilla

H-3535 Miskolc
Hegyalja UT 76

Tel: 0036 30 367 6710


Skills and Interests: Sea- and Butterfly essences, Psyhologia and Soul therapy, Family-therapy, Quantum-healings, Köbler- New homeopatie, Schüssler-salts

Level 3 Practitioner
Fehér Krisztina

Tel: 36 70 908 6882

Skills and Interests: Psychology, Civil Sector, NGO`s, Music, Massage, Holistic Pulsing, Self Knowledge based on the Bible.

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