ASIACT Archive of Astrology - September 2006


'One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.'

Friedrich Nietzsche

Olive is made up of primary yellow and secondary green: it creates the bridge between the yellow of the solar plexus and the emerald green of the heart. In our process of becoming conscious we empower ourselves through the yellow, humble ourselves through the threshold experiences of the olive before we arrive at the truth of our emerald heart space.

Often we need a moment of crisis to see life in a new way; upheaval is one way of identifying and confronting our fear-based perceptions. Through the intensity we invariably become more open to change: we become conscious of consciousness itself.

Until something pushes us over our threshold, no change is necessary as we are able to contain ourselves whatever happens. Only when the threshold is exceeded and we are dipped into chaos are we empowered to face up to a new truth: the process of chaos and the reorganisation of our lives is actually the mechanism by which evolution happens.

There are five equilibrium bottles that contain olive, which could support you to trust the natural way, the feminine way, recognising that death and rebirth are shifting poles of the same phenomenon, a revolving door between the being you knew and the one evolving:

'to trust the process of life and through this process acknowledge, in each moment, a sense of hope to calm the way'

The affirmation for bottle 91, Feminine Leadership of the Heart, olive/olive.

The feminine within each of us instinctively knows that we are all interconnected, that each one of us is continually going through the beneficial evolutionary sequence of overwhelm, temporary chaos and reorganisation of life at a different level; cooperation rather than competition is possible. The deep olive of bottle 102, Archangel Samael, deep olive/deep magenta

'offers a guiding light of hope toward the future.'

The Aura-Soma Sourcebook,

Mike Booth and Carol McKnight

Any bottle with olive as one of the fractions could perhaps help you to become less involved and more evolved, to become to a greater extent the witness of your own process. This shift may enable you to release any bitterness from the past,

'of having hope, not as an anticipation, but in the sense of a positive attitude toward that which will come to be'

Mike Booth
New Equilibrium Keynotes, Bottle 91.

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written by Marelna Du Plessis