ASIACT Astrology - January 2008

Heading underline

The love within

Someday, after we have mastered
The winds, the waves, the tide
and gravity, we shall harness for God
the energies of love.
Then, for the second time in the history
of the world, man will have discovered fire

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

What we see, hear, touch, taste and smell are all part of our experience. Every experience is a mix of what we perceive with our senses, our mental images or thoughts and our emotions. Yet, this is the experience, not who we are.

We are consciousness – the luminous space in which the world arises and subsides. Consciousness cannot be known in the traditional sense of the word as it is completely neutral, without duality and without form. Only forms can be known, still without the formless dimension, the world of form could not be.

Royal blue is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary violet; as violet is the mix of red and blue it follows that royal blue is a large component of blue with a drop of red. Red is the colour of physicality; pink results from light being added to red and suggests consciousness brought to physicality. It is the pink in royal blue that creates the possibility of experiencing the love within.

There are six Equilibrium bottles with royal blue as one of the fractions that could support us to extend our affinity to space, the space that reaches beyond time to connect us to all that is – the space we may call love. That space is the life that we are: timeless, infinite.

The royal blue supports us to use our physicality as the vehicle to appreciate that whatever happens in that space is temporary, be it pleasure or pain, birth or death. We are love, we are the space that surrounds us and that is within us. With our knowing all anguish dissolves and an inner peace comes to pass, the ‘peace that passeth all understanding’. (St Paul)

Bottle 33

Vicky Wall in her book ‘Aura-Soma Self-discovery through colour’ writes that someone who chooses Bottle 33, Dolphin Bottle or Peace with a Purpose, royal blue/turquoise, could be a being who ‘with the deepening of life with all its experiences (royal blue) comes to the eve of the dawning of self and soul consciousness, ……… the true potential emerging on its highest yet practical level.

Breath has no form and has since ancient times been equated with spirit – the formless one life. Breath awareness brings us into the present and so we step out of the content of our mind. Gaps arise in between our thoughts – spaciousness and stillness that translates as unconditional love. The realisation emerges that unconditional love is a state of being – the rest comes naturally.

Bottle 96Bottle 97

The last two bottles in the Aura-Soma range containing royal blue are representative of the Moon and the Sun: the mysterious Moon that ‘brings the creative possibility of conception into form’ and the Sun that brings ‘clarity in relation to the true purpose of our self’. Keynotes for Bottle 96, Archangel Raphael, royal blue/royal blue and Bottle 97, Archangel Uriel, gold/royal blue.

Royal blue in an Aura-Soma sense is finding the deep peace and an inner stillness at the core of loving what is.

written by Marelna Du Plessis