ASIACT Astrology - January 2016

Heading underline

‘The day I understood everything, was the day I stopped trying to figure everything out. The day I knew peace was the day I let everything go.’ C. JoyBell C.

Royal blue in an Aura-Soma sense is finding the deep peace and an inner stillness at the core of loving what is.

The nature of life is such that we have all suffered loss. Many of us have at some time or another suffered tragic loss: whatever we had invested in our identity in was wiped away, be it our reputation, our possessions, a loving relationship or our physical abilities. Whenever great loss occurs we have a choice: either we resist or we yield. Yielding means going beyond our conditioning and our expectations of what life ought to be: an inner acceptance of what is. Very often (probably to tolerate what otherwise might be unbearable) it happens that inexplicably we transcend our anguish or our intense fear and find the space within ourselves where an all encompassing peace reigns: the ‘peace that passeth all understanding’. (St Paul)

Bottle 111

Once the forms we have identified with crumble and our spirit is freed from its imprisonment in matter, the possibility arises for us to experience our true essence. Any of the eight bottles with royal blue as one of the fractions could be an incredible resource during this time of transformation. The acceptance and peace of the royal blue allows the witness to emerge and move us out of the arena of the personal; faith (blue) begins to dawn and we are gradually liberated from an inner contraction. Our illusions fall away and clarity begins to emerge: samsara may become nirvana. ‘Letting go of bitterness we step forward with clarity and vision’. Keynote for Bottle 111, Archangel Daniel, Mid-tone Royal Blue/ Mid-tone Olive Green.

Bottle 96

The affirmation for Equilibrium Bottle 96, Archangel Raphael, royal blue/royal blue is ‘The intuition grows as I hear more clearly, see more clearly, taste more clearly. All that is hidden becomes clear’. Applying the substance in this bottle will assist us to enter each moment with unconditioned consciousness and to connect to all that is. Through the royal blue soul support is brought in from above.

Royal blue is a tertiary colour made up of primary blue and secondary violet; as violet is the mix red and blue it follows that royal blue is a large component of blue with a drop of red. Red is the colour of physicality, of grounding, of awakening, of concentration and of passion. It is the red or pink (red with light) in royal blue that creates the possibility to walk the mystical path with practical feet.

Bottle 32
Bottle 47
Bottle 97

Three of the eight bottles that contain royal blue as either fraction shake up as emerald green (B32, Sophia, royal blue/gold; B47, The Old Soul Bottle, royal blue/ lemon yellow; B97, Archangel Uriel, gold/royal blue). Green is the colour of the heart and is opposite red on the colour rose as developed by Aura-Soma. The red-green polarity is an awakening at the heart of our being and links directly to our destiny with regard to healing our green planet Earth (an anagram of ‘heart’).

As we consciously align with our essence, the heart opens, our ancient wisdom (gold) spontaneously reveals itself and the light within shines a little brighter.

written by Marelna Du Plessis