ASIACT Astrology - February 2017

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St Germain Quintessence

Bottle 56

This quintessence is aligned with Equilibrium Bottle 56, pale violet/pale violet with the same name and is invaluable to those who want to find a different balance between object consciousness and space consciousness; St Germain allows pure vision and penetrating perception and helps us to find the balance between involvement and evolvement.

A reasoned understanding is St Germain’s trademark. Used rightfully it aids free-flowing thought, marked powers of concentration and an uncompromising response to mental challenges.

St Germain is a catalyst and a transformer and is also referred to as the Lilac Flame of Transmutation: when transformation occurs deeply within the cells. It supports us to use breath to generate consciousness; breath is life and taking conscious breaths helps us to find a fresh relationship between our centre and our sense of inner space. When we fully let go of our breath, a deep new breath becomes possible and when we can bring awareness to this process, effortless transformation occurs.

When we extend our space, we have a wider perspective, we get more in touch with our true self and with what lies under the crust of our anger and fear and conditioned responses; we are able to heal and become more accepting, resilient and serene.

Although the fullness of consciousness is always there as the Unmanifest, St Germain is invaluable to help us bring our consciousness into this dimension.

written by Marelna Du Plessis