ASIACT Astrology - March 2017

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Archangeloi Essence Gabriel

‘Heaven means to be one with God.’ Confucius

Bottle 95

Gabriel relates to Equilibrium Bottle 95, magenta/gold. Spraying this archangeloi above our body will support us to contact our essence, the deepest layers of our soul. Shining out from our essence is attractive and the truthful connection it creates with others brings joy and fulfilment: the harbinger of Divine Love both received and given. Regular use of this fresh, nature-filled spray makes it possible for us to slow our process down so that we are able to celebrate creation by putting our attention and care into the little things: to ground our service in every waking moment.

Gabriel may bring awareness to patterns of grief and deep anxiety that often stem from outworn family patterns or cultural beliefs. As our awareness increases we are able to pierce through the seductive natural born conditions. We can be liberated from the need for being rooted in one particular place and being the product of a particular set of conditions. We become an agent of universal wholeness and live a life of service conditioned only by the will of the whole.

‘As we increase our capacity for warmth and caring in all that we do, so too does our wisdom arise equally. The guidance from above becomes more tangible.’ Mike Booth

Archangeloi Essence Metatron

Bottle 100

This essence relates to Equilibrium bottle 100, Clear/Magenta and its deep, earthy smell makes it easier for us to root down deeply, to accept our humanness and to feel connected to everything and everyone that is.

Spraying Metatron brings an increasing awareness that suffering only means that there is something we do not yet understand: it opens us to the realisation that everyone is doing the best they can given inner and outer circumstances. We become more able to understand and have compassion for our self and other people in the human condition. Our communication and our willingness to co-operate create new levels of partnership and oneness.

Oneness generates co-operation, connection and mutual support and Archangeloi Metatron reminds us of the laws of nature and of cause and effect from a global perspective: with each person who awakens, the momentum in the collective consciousness grows.

‘We may find ourselves guided to the right place at the right time for the unfolding of our personal destiny and at the same time we may co-operate with Gaia’s development and the stabilisation of the planetary grid energy patterns.’ The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Mike Booth with Carol McKnight

written by Marelna Du Plessis