ASIACT Astrology - March 2017

Heading underline

‘You do not need to work to become spiritual. You are spiritual; you need only to remember that fact. Spirit is within you. God is within you.’ Julia Cameron, God is No Laughing Matter

Each astrological sign is a quality, an energy. Pisces is the energy to be creative: unfettered by the world of matter, it generates images, stories and dreams. Aquarius saw the mind observing the mind – Pisces observes the mind observing the world – the objective universe evaporates – all that remains is a network of subjective responses. Pisces is the place of holy-oneness. Pisces holds wholes. It synthesises rather than analyses. Through our Pisces portal we raise our intuitive knowing, leaving behind the safe and the familiar of the material world. Sensitive and porous, Pisces absorbs. It speaks in metaphors and loves to notice the likeness in things; it enjoys the mystery and tends to create more questions than answers. Pisces has little interest in efficiency or knowledge – it simply beholds. The Piscean goal is to truly understand that the only reality is our own consciousness; to bring the soul’s potential to life within us, we must engage in the activity of love. (Pisces’ connection to proper understanding is by its association with the feet, which stand under us.)

Bottle 3

The Sun moves through the sign of Pisces until early morning on the 20th when it ingresses Aries, the advent of the Spring Equinox and the birth of the Astrological New Year. While the sun, The Great Integrator, is in Pisces it is time to reflect on and evaluate the cycle past with a view to becoming clear on what we envision for the next round. Against the backdrop of the seasons March is always a time of transition: winter dies before spring is born. Pisces represents the challenge of a closing cycle. Before opening to the unknown, the greatest challenge is not to be overcome by the pull of past pain and to even to let go of our previous achievements. The great task now is to have the courage and faith to liberate ourselves into the new. The positive spiritual essence of the Pisces in each of us is courage. The heart is where courage resides: no wonder Vicky Wall ascribed Equilibrium Bottle 3, The Heart Bottle, blue/green to Pisces. Blending blue and green creates turquoise – in an Aura-Soma sense representing our process of individuation: seeking and finding our deeper heart.

Bottle 89

On the 4th Venus, Goddess of Love and Harmony, turns retrograde at 13° 8’ Aries, she turns direct again at 26° 55’ Pisces on 15 April. Venus is always retrograde for 40 days mirroring the 40 weeks spent in the womb and the archetypal 40 days spent in the wilderness. Once every 8 years she retrogrades in the same area of the zodiac. The Venus cycle of 2017 is similar to the one that occurred in October 2009. Stay tuned for reminders, echoes and memories of people, places and events of that time…dreams and hopes that were seeded then. The Guardian Angel for the 4th is Reohael and the bottle relating to this angel is Bottle 89, Energy Rescue, Time Shift Bottle, red/deep magenta, a bottle that presents: ‘A gateway to a new understanding: a paradigm shift to time as art and life as enthusiastic wellbeing’. Keynotes

The transmutative aspect of the Venus retrograde cycle often manifests as a change in the way we ‘normally’ arrive at conclusions – there is an experience of discovering and dealing with our opposite. For example, if one is usually particularly intellectual and systematic in decision-making one might add another more instinctive way of reaching a conclusion. Conversely, a normally intuitive person may find solace in being more logical in dealing with the world. We will also be made aware of any unfinished business that needs completing; be confronted by ancient grudges and pains and introduced to what needs healing and purifying within our self. An important theme is forgiveness – not only in our relationships but, more importantly, in our relationship with our self. What do you truly want? What makes you happy?

Bottle 5

Venus stations form a five-pointed star against the backdrop of the zodiac. The quinary (five-fold) is symbolic of the whole material world and is associated with the understanding and applying of esoteric truths. Five is the number of creative imagination put to skilled use. Right on cue Bottle 5, The Sunset Bottle, yellow/red messages that we use our energy wisely - so that we may refine our individuation process and so awaken our incarnational star more than ever…(Taken from the keynote for Bottle 83, Open Sesame, turquoise/gold, representing the Return Journey for Bottle 5.)

Bottle 27
Bottle 28

The zodiac signs of Aries and Libra lie opposite each other and are on the colour rose represented by red and green. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra (see Astrological Overview for February) and Venus retrograde in Aries, the messages of the red/green bottles may provide some support for the challenges in our lives: Bottle 27, Robin Hood, red/green and Bottle 28, Maid Marion, green/red. ‘Accepting where we are as fully as we can and finding the inner strength to stand in our own space’ may be the main theme this month. Is it about bringing back a balance to the masculine and feminine energies within each of us? Perhaps the female part of us needs to become more fully into her power and the male part of us more fully into his heart.

Bottle 27 is also the bottle Vicky ascribed to Sagittarius. At the heart of our Galaxy, at 27° Sagittarius no less, there lies a massive black hole, called the Galactic Centre (GC), which absorbs and transmits enormous volumes of electromagnetic energy. This month Saturn, the Cosmic Chiropractor, the planet that aligns our structure with the bones of reality, makes the first of three conjunctions with the Galactic Centre (on 19 April and 25 August) and remains within 2° of the GC for four months this year (February to May and 15 November to 11 December). Any planet aligning with the GC provides untold support for releasing any outdated patterns and beliefs. We are all being galvanised to co-create a new template for human consciousness on Earth. This month is an extremely effective time for reflection, remembrance and rejuvenation.

Gamble on soul.

written by Marelna Du Plessis