ASIACT Astrology - March 2017

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Magenta Pomander

‘If one looks closely at the magenta, one can see it offers the best of many worlds: the pink of gentleness and love, the violet, the bridge to healing and the red of earth, the grounding power. In magenta so much is intermingling, giving so much.’ Vicky Wall, Aura-Soma, Self-Discovery through Colour

On 21/6/2016 this sweet-smelling de-lightful pomander came into being and as Mike writes ‘Perhaps at this time we have the opportunity to become ‘whole’ (the root of the word ‘healing’) with the potential healing of our karmic wounds.’

This pomander could be thoroughly supportive when we’ve gone through a challenging time and want to learn how to love self and humanity again – it is part of our training as we learn how to pay attention to the little things and open to the love from above. As we go through our soul-stretching times regular use of this pomander brings a deep calm and a true perspective of the present moment. Above all this beautiful liquid helps us to truly understand that everything is exactly as it must be, that spirit appears everywhere and creates wherever it goes. We may become more soulful, realising soul’s potential within us – as we engage in the activity of love.

‘Love is not only the answer it’s also the key to our healing.’ Mike Booth

‘As I offer this sacred substance to myself, for myself, I love myself and feel the love from above’.

Deep Magenta Pomander

Like all pomanders, the deep magenta is re-energising, affirmative and protective. Combining the red and violet energies, the magenta pomander is both energising and soothing at the same time. This pomander helps us to truly give of ourselves so that we are able to open our horizons, to receive the love from above and replenish our energy - it is also referred to as the carer’s carer.

The deep, dusky smell of this pomander harmonises intellect and instinct and expands our quality of consciousness and understanding at all levels. Very difficult experiences may then be perceived in a different light and be dealt with in creative ways. It also supports deep meditative states. It helps with the prioritising of our daily tasks and brings the energy and love to clear up the little things that are so often put aside for more important matters.

At a physical level the deep magenta pomander is the most helpful pomander to stabilise treatments that work on particular reflex and energy points such as acupuncture and reflexology.

written by Marelna Du Plessis