ASIACT Astrology - March 2017

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Pallas Athena and Aeolus Quintessence

Bottle 57

This soft rose pink quintessence relates to bottle 57, pale pink/pale blue and is aligned with the magenta process as it supports us to come to terms with our survival issues and find the divine will within the depths of our self. Pallas Athena helps us to realise the abundance of existence: the care and attention we put in the little things will be there for us in the big things.

It is one of the fundamental laws of existence that we get out what we put in. If life is not going where we want it to, Pallas Athena supports us to not focus on lack, but on the attention we are able to pay to the little things. Every time we use this quintessence we align with the principle that right livelihood comes from following our true path: it facilitates the interaction between our inner male (structure) and inner female (vision). It helps us understand the laws governing the material side of life in a wholesome way.

Our dreams are a direct line into the deeper layers of our being. Regular use of Pallas Athena aids insight into our own dream symbolism and is inspirational with the decoding of dreams and with making our dream life more conscious. It enhances our connection with the Greek and Roman mythological world of the Gods and encourages an understanding of our personal archetypal patterns.

Bringing heaven to earth is within the grasp of us all.

written by Marelna Du Plessis