ASIACT Astrology - April 2017

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Archangeloi Essence Tzadkiel

‘Live out of your imagination, not your history’ - Stephen Covey

The refreshing tang of this essence is uplifting and invigorating, reminding us that we are a part of the universe and its dance of energies: during times when we are challenged to abandon certainty and comfort and to put our trust in the questioning itself, there is always hope and the possibility of new beginnings.

Bottle 99

This essence relates to Equilibrium bottle 99, pale olive/pink with the same name. Three bursts of this spray above our head support us to access and follow our inner promptings: to step wholeheartedly into the unknown territory of initiation - to no longer follow any recipes but to let love teach and unfold us. As the Archangeloi Tzadkiel wafts around us, we are more able to venture where our road takes us - in spite of a quivering heart. In willingly facing the unknown, we offer trust in a greater purpose of life.

Living our purpose is one way of experiencing joy! This essence helps us to understand that our purpose is not something we do, it is being and radiating who we truly are. The more conscious we become, the clearer we hear our calling. By moving toward what we love, we find that what we love is within us. This allows a new freedom in giving and receiving, a sharing of love. This essence can support us to let go of the bitterness (olive) of the past to live from a place of greater responsiveness. What we love, we then nourish and grow in the garden of our heart.

Everything is passing...enjoy its momentariness’ - Mooji

Archangeloi Essence Chamael

‘The aim of life is to live and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware’ - Henry Miller

Bottle 104

This archangeloi relates to Equilibrium Bottle 104, iridescent pink/magenta with the same name. Archangel Chamael, one of the protectors of heaven, is one of seven archangels that attend to the throne of God. In his role as protector, Chamael supports us to accept with trust that the universe is perfect and that everything is exactly as it should be.

Three bursts of this tinged-with-rose piquant spray into the aura helps us to know that the true wellspring of safety and abundance is the spiritual heart. Love is the ultimate value. The gift of this archangel is a return to the trust that no matter what, love was never lost, it will always be there, always is there. It brings with it the realisation that when we lose we simultaneously gain – the universal law of conservation and compensation.

This spray is invaluable during periods of insecurity an uncertainty as the silver embodied within it supports us to become more conscious of our intuitive self. Silver is associated with the Moon: ‘Silver supports the possibility of healing the feminine aspect of ourselves deep within and finding a different comprehension of deep levels of receptivity.’ Aura-Soma Sourcebook.

When anxiety, stress and negativity cut us off from the intelligence that underlies all life, this archangeloi reminds us that we cannot lose spirit (spirit being love) because spirit is indestructible and eternally omnipresent; we are love and love is us. As we become aligned with the Whole we find that spontaneous, helpful incidents, chance encounters and coincidences occur frequently.

Regular use of Chamael supports our participation in the unfolding of consciousness.

written by Marelna Du Plessis