ASIACT Astrology - April 2017

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‘The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn’ - Alvin Toffler

The cosmic keynote for this month is courage: it takes courage to grow, to face the unknown. It most certainly takes willpower to overcome the pull of the past. It takes resolve to endure the discomfort and the disapproval that is so often part of the process. The Sun ingresses Aries on 20 March. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and on the Aura-Soma colour rose relates to red, the energy of initiation, of breaking new ground and birthing new expressions of the divine. With The Sun, our Great Integrator, and Uranus, the Great Innovator in Aries as they are now, we are required to apply ‘Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind’- to call on our inner witness and observe without preconception or prejudice, to be curious rather than critical and to be willing to be surprised…in the beginner’s mind there are endless possibilities…Suzuki. Eris, a dwarf planet named for the Goddess of Strife, is at closely conjunct Uranus at 23° Aries to further support our passion and resolve. As the goddess who tossed the apple that led to the judgement of Paris, Eris represents the discord created by addictions and unhealthy attachments, but also the creativity to sprout from competition and hardship.

Bottle 4
Bottle 82

How fitting that archetypally (through the Tarot), Aries is represented by Bottle 4, The Sunlight Bottle, yellow/gold, a bottle that inspires us to look within to find what it is that we truly know beyond the knowledge we have acquired throughout our life. With a bit of compassion for our self, our inner Aries is now a spiritual warrior who is motivated by the promptings of his soul and whose actions are appropriate and discerning in both worldly and spiritual matters. Bottle 82, Calypso, green/orange, denoting the return journey of our hero, messages that we now have the heart space (green) to bring to the surface and consciously base our decisions on the insights (orange) that have been there all along. This month keep in mind that the challenge for the aware Aries in all of us is to relate to our spiritual and physical natures on a conscious level and to increasingly direct them from the spiritual plane. (On 28 March we experienced the New Moon at 7° 37’Aries which sets the tone for April – the Sabian Symbol for this degree is particularly telling: A large woman’s hat with streamers blown by an East wind: protection (the hat) and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness (the wind originating in the East could be seen as a spiritual force). The woman’s hat has streamers, which enable it not only to respond to the wind but to also indicate its source. (Dane Rudhyar))

Bottle 64

Venus remains retrograde in Aries (moves back into Pisces on the 3rd) till the 15th (see the Astrological Overview for March 2017). While Venus is retrograde one often gets a cold hard look at one’s relationships and at what is relevant to one’s integrity at this time (this is also happening at a global level right now). It may be that we experience a subtle imbalance for a period while the deeply mysterious inner transformations occur - so mysterious that we never really know what has happened until several months have passed. The retrograde period creates a quiet introspection which allows us to observe our own behaviour and responses while nevertheless participating wholly. As Venus turns direct and moves slowly forward, we will probably be reviewing what the retrograde period has revealed. The Guardian Angel for the 15th is Lelahel, an angel that has to do with the Light of Understanding and aligns with Bottle 64, Djwal Khul, emerald green/clear. Using the contents of this bottle could support us to find the truth of our own heart…’ The emerald/clear is seeking the bliss of witnessing the peace (blue and yellow) which is consciousness realising itself, experiencing itself as truth. It is more to do with a process than a goal.’ Mike Booth.

To add to our growth Mercury, the Mythic Messenger that serves as courier between the worlds - and between different levels of consciousness - takes its second turn retrograde this year on the 9th at 4° 47’ Taurus and only turns direct on 3 May at 24° 22’ Aries. We know by now that retrograde periods are times to rethink, redesign and release whatever is outside our soul’s comfort zone. Retrograde planets move in the opposite direction to the Sun and the Moon and by so doing they are able to repair any omission performed during the period of direct motion. Very often we must retrace our steps to try again or to go over the past in order to understand better what had happened. In Taurus, Mercury asks us to reconsider our priorities, re-examine our lifestyle and realign with our essential values. Walt Whitman once wrote: ‘Re-examine all that you have been told…dismiss that which insults your soul.’ Vicky ascribed Bottle 51, Kuthumi, pale yellow/pale yellow, to Mercury probably because this master nurtures our ability to touch all worlds: natural, human and angelic.

Saturn joins the retrograde fray on the 6th at 27° 47’ Sagittarius. Wherever Saturn is transiting in our chart we are moulding and shaping new boundaries and creating new forms to live by. Sometimes however, we internalise this kind of development, resulting in a feeling of stuckness and immobility. Depending on which natal contacts are being made in your chart, you may have difficulty in determining what has to end and where this might lead and during the next few weeks even experience a feeling of despondency and lethargy. Sagittarius is concerned with our beliefs, our search for the meaning of life and our place in it – we are being coerced to trust and attune ourselves to a more unified level of awareness and to explore alternative perceptions and realisations.

Bottle 27
Bottle 28

As I mentioned in March the zodiac signs of Aries and Libra lie opposite each other and are on the colour rose represented by red and green. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra (see Astrological Overview for February) and Venus retrograde in Aries, the messages of the red/green bottles may provide some support for the challenges in our lives: Bottle 27, Robin Hood, red/green and Bottle 28, Maid Marion, green/red. ‘Accepting where we are as fully as we can and finding the inner strength to stand in our own space’ may be part of our process this month. Is it about bringing back a balance to the masculine and feminine energies within each of us? Perhaps the female part of us needs to become more fully into her power and the male part of us more fully into his heart.

Bottle 27 is also the bottle Vicky ascribed to Sagittarius. At the heart of our Galaxy, at 27° Sagittarius no less, there lies a massive black hole, called the Galactic Centre (GC), which absorbs and transmits enormous volumes of electromagnetic energy. This month Saturn makes the first of three conjunctions with the Galactic Centre (on 19 April and 25 August) and remains within 2° of the GC for four months this year (February to May and 15 November to 11 December). Any planet aligning with the GC provides untold support for releasing any outdated patterns and beliefs. We are all being galvanised to co-create a new template for human consciousness on Earth. This month is an extremely effective time for reflection, remembrance and rejuvenation.

‘An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.’ Hafiz

written by Marelna Du Plessis