ASIACT Astrology - April 2017

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The Deep Red, the Red and the Pink Pomanders

The deep red and red pomanders are particularly grounding – assisting us to live within our ’issness’ while dealing with doing on our busy planet. Both these pomanders have earthy, spicy smells reminiscent of the warmth, kindness and giving at Christmas. The deep red is for intense circumstances whereas the red is for more mundane situations.

When we are in pain we often lose awareness; we might be resisting a birthing process, an initiation, moving into a new way of being. Both the red and the deep red swiftly bring us into the present moment; from here we are then able to remind ourselves that by releasing our frustrations and old angers we may experience a different outcome. We may be transported to a place that contains a greater sense of vitality, renewed confidence and peace so that a new vision and purpose may emerge.

Using the deep red pomander is intensely grounding and energising and we are reminded that ideals are tools for inspiration, not realities themselves. By grounding self with the help of the red pomanders we view the ideal as that which inspires us to surpass ourselves – full knowing that we can never actually do this, because we are truly human. We are more readily initiated into a healthy sense of self worth. It is most helpful for stress-related exhaustion and restores perspective when survival and other fears become overwhelming.

The pink pomander has a soft rose-like smell that dispels all negativity and creates an atmosphere of trust in groups and in personal relationships. The pink pomander returns true feeling and often tenderness and acceptance to a process; it nurtures and instils feelings of safety and well-being. It can be the mother you always wanted.

written by Marelna Du Plessis