ASIACT Astrology - April 2017

Heading underline

The Christ Quintessence

We awaken to our true purpose when we become aware that the live-in spirit is able to witness and evaluate the illusion of reality. Regular use of this quintessence with its deep, musky smell supports a centred sense of self and a healthy balance between our desire nature and our in-dwelling spirit. We are enabled to awaken to our true nature and rest in a timeless freedom of spirit: even though we know that our true reality is beyond body and mind, we are also aware that because we live within this limited body and mind, the ordinary patterns of life may continue.

The Christ quintessence helps us to understand that the awakening process is a mystery – a mystery that will be answered only in the heart – only the heart can contain both our perfection and our humanity. It therefore helps to bring a strong sense of an interdependent individual into personal encounters thereby forming relationships that promote our growth rather than cater for our dependency and weakness. By recognising self as spirit living in a material world, we encourage the individuality of others and develop connections which are firm and mutually liberating.

Clock time is necessary to plan our lives, but the mind’s deep seated habit of finding fulfilment in the future ignores the only point of entry to the future: the present moment. Regular use of the quintessence supports us to find the link between Being and doing, between space and time. The future and our fulfilment will take care of themselves as whatever we do, we then do exceptionally well because the doing itself becomes our focus.

Whenever we are stressed or anxious this quintessence is invaluable as it re-minds us that our state of consciousness is primary, that all we need to do is ground our awareness in Being.

(This quintessence is so energising that it is recommended you do not use it too late in the day as it could result in sleep difficulties.)

Orion and Angelica Quintessence

The heady smell of this quintessence brings spirit to the life of form. When we use this fragrant liquid around our body, we bring a new balance to the alternating modes of perception and activity, between spirit and earthling, between the inner female and male. We are then able to tune into synchronicity so that we are at the right place at the right time.

Journeys of all kinds are eased: outer journeys that are there for the entire world to see and inner journeys that are deeply felt within. It supports a balance in the subtle energy fields around the body. For this reason it is invaluable when we travel as it keeps us anchored in our bodies rather than in our head where we so often remain: it supports a wholeness of being.

Bottle 58

This quintessence relates to Bottle 58 with the same name, blue/pink; the trust (blue) combined with compassionate acceptance (pink) supports us to merge with a situation rather than reacting to it. If action is possible or necessary, right action happens through us – right action being action that is appropriate to the whole.

Orion and Angelica are two great angels who open and close the day: Angelica, with the sacred pink of cosmic love, brings the dawn after clearing the earth of all negativity, and Orion with the sacred blue of space, brings in the night and draws the sun across the sky.

Orion and Angelica is inspirational at the beginning and end of projects, supporting a confidence that allows us to be open to alternative ideas.

written by Marelna Du Plessis