ASIACT Astrology - May 2017

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‘Memories establish the past; Senses perceive the present; Imaginations shape the future’ - Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Our ancestors followed the stars. They gathered food from the land and kept their eyes open for the messages from the gods. They could embrace what is practical, natural and mystical weaving together spirit, sky and earth. Most of the time that’s not how we live today. Concentrating on smallish electronic devices in our palms, we look down rather than up! For most of May the Sun, our guiding light, is in the fixed, feminine sign of Taurus. We like our heroes to wield their swords and dominate their foes, but Taurus is about simplicity, security and peace; its virtues include receptivity and acceptance. As a feminine sign, it submits rather than subdues, it favours nurturing over destruction: it harmonises with the Greater Whole. Until the 20th when the Sun enters Gemini we need to slow the process down and utilise our senses to deepen our pleasure in living on earth. Such wholeness is the gift that the astrological sign of Taurus offers us and the way to redeem it is through living our interdependence with Mother Earth.

Bottle 3
Bottle 81

The Tarot card of the quintessentially feminine Empress is associated with Taurus and embodied in Bottle 3, Heart Bottle also called the Atlantean Bottle, blue/green. The Empress is Mother Nature: the physical mother of creation. She symbolises truth, fertility, birth and our interdependence with our environment: when we look after her she becomes our sustainable resource at a time of change. This is affirmed by Bottle 81, Unconditional Love, pink/pink as the Return Journey of Bottle 3. ‘Pink could be seen as the womb, fulfilled by and full of the life-force possibilities of the earth mother herself, created by love and nurtured by love.’ Aura-Soma Sourcebook.

Bottle 6

Vicky Wall, creator of Aura-Soma, ascribed Bottle 6, Energy Bottle, red/red to Taurus. Red is the colour of our Earth Star and as the first fixed sign Taurus relates to what grounds us, what we need to feel safe and secure, the kind of foundation we best build on. Taurus also rules the senses; like all the signs there is the danger of too little or too much: too little Taurus energy and we miss out on the delights our senses provide, too much and our life becomes consumed and limited by our possessions. Taurus is all about determining what is most valuable to us. This month may be a good time to reflect upon what gives us energy, what makes us happy to be alive, what makes us feel rich, what opens your heart?

Bottle 51

Each zodiac sign addresses the excesses of its preceding sign and Taurus is no exception. As we head into May, Mercury (how we communicate our perceptions), Venus (how we appreciate love), and Uranus (how we become self) are all in the sign of The Ram. Aries’ energy is awakening and courageous, also erratic and scattered, fiery and harsh and, as gardeners know, the Moon in Aries is a sterile Moon. In contrast, Taurus is cool, soft and fertile and concentrates its energy towards growth: if Aries is the seed, Taurus is the garden. As it is Mercury remains retrograde (seemingly reversing against the background of the stars) till the 3rd at 24°Aries. Be aware that for the rest of May at least, our actions may precede our thoughts – and consequences may not necessarily be taken into account. It seems we will be honing our skills as well as recognising our limitations! Should we experience some confusion we could keep in mind that we don’t have to figure it all out now – we’re not alone and the answers will reveal themselves when we’re ready to live them. Using the contents of Bottle 51, Kuthumi, pale yellow/pale yellow, the bottle for Mercury, may support us to seize full creative freedom and so maximise our circumstances for growth and expansion and enhance our ‘ability to release inappropriate belief systems and express ourselves in a new way’. Mike Booth about Bottle 51.

Bottle 40

With Mars, where we direct our energy, in Gemini, communication is a big part of the story…again…especially after the 20th when the Sun ingresses Gemini! Finding ways to express our self or to communicate in such a way that we are heard will be uppermost in our mind for the next few weeks. For a while now we may have been feeling uncommunicative – probably from fear of others seeing us and/or feeling unable to express our self to our OWN satisfaction. We are being challenged to find alternate ways of expressing self – and of mentioning matters timeously…to carefully choose our time for speaking up so that we don’t set our self up for not being heard AGAIN! The name of the bottle that represents Mars says it all: I am, red/gold, Bottle 40.

Bottle 63
Bottle 87

During the entire month, Saturn (retrograde at 27° Sagittarius) is very close to the Galactic Centre. As I mentioned last month any planet aligning with the GC provides untold support for releasing any outdated patterns and beliefs. We are all being galvanised to co-create a new template for human consciousness on Earth. Saturn has been retrograde since the first week in April, pressuring us to align what we are doing with who we really are. Our Master Trainer has been called the planet of change perhaps because his transits correspond with the crumbling of whatever structures have outlived their utility. To guarantee we get the message this year Saturn is square Chiron (exact on 30 April and 2 November). Saturn in Sagittarius compels us to question our beliefs, Chiron in Pisces searches for divine love, for timeless spaciousness and its quest to forgive the world and its inhabitants for injustice, inequity and victimisation. Squares mark important tipping points and a waning square as this one create ‘a crisis in consciousness’ (Dane Rudhyar).The bottle Vicky ascribed to Saturn, Bottle 63, Djwal Khul, emerald green/pale green is about finding ‘the appropriate direction that will take us to where we need to be’ whereas Bottle 87, The Wisdom of Love, pale coral/pale coral (the bottle for Chiron) brings ‘An awareness that we can see ourselves in others, in the mirror of what is in front of us, and to go beyond this to see the essence that lies within’. Equilibrium Resource Cards. We’re learning to see through the eyes of the Greater Whole – witnessing everything, judging nothing.

Bottle 5

An important shift that also happens this month is that on the 9th, the Lunar Nodes move from Virgo-Pisces (on the colour rose the olive-magenta polarity) to Leo-Aquarius (the yellow-violet polarity). The nodes are two points in a chart exactly opposite each other. They travel in a spiritual direction (clockwise) around a chart and move through the entire zodiac every 18½ years. The South Node can be viewed as a clue to the formative pressures of our hereditary background - or the effect of past lives – whatever we choose to believe. The North Node symbolises our evolutionary future and points to a new path of growth and expression. In short, the North Node represents what our soul reaches for. Now that the North Node is in Leo we will be confronted by situations that bring us in contact with our true (brave!) heart and challenge us to be illumined by our inner light and promote our capacity to love without securing ourselves at the expense of others. Bottle 5, The Sunset Bottle, yellow/red and the bottle for Leo messages: ‘The opportunity to use wisdom wisely in relation to the energies that we carry’.

The Full Moon occurs on the 10th at 20° 24’ Scorpio-Taurus: all Full Moons illumine what has been germinating beneath the surface. The Moon in Scorpio especially focusses on what has been on the periphery of our awareness. Have we been totally honest with our self? With others? The New Moon on the 25th at 4° 47’ Gemini is the closest SuperMoon this year. (A SuperMoon occurs when there is new or a full moon at the time when the Moon is closest to the Earth: it increases the electromagnetic force of both the Sun and the Moon, generating stronger gravitational pulls on coastal (and emotional) tides, weather patterns and tectonic plates.) As without, so within and this Full Moon will have a considerable effect on our inner tides: wherever the 4° Gemini-Sagittarius polarity spans a chart is where a major reorientation is indicated. Use the power of this SuperMoon to pay attention to the relationship between means and ends: to what end do we seek knowledge and understanding, and how could we make use of our understanding to improve the quality of our life and the lives of others? Be willing to forgive, let go of any grievances that may hold you back.

written by Marelna Du Plessis