ASIACT Astrology - May 2017

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The Turquoise Colour Essence and the Turquoise Colour Essence Cream

‘The turquoise is interrelated with the blue/green of the emotional chakra, the heart, and literally should reach “the heart of the matter”’ - Vicky Wall, Aura-Soma Self-Discovery through Colour.

The coral process is one of understanding in which way our unmet needs are interfering with our relationships and our networking skills. The turquoise colour essence and cream support this process as it imparts an inner peace (even in the face of difficulties) from where it is much easier to make the necessary insights and to take right action.

The energies of the turquoise crystal embodied in this essence, centre on the love and interconnectedness between individuals and alleviate feelings of loneliness. It allows us to appreciate the simpler things and to move in creative ways toward that sense of true joining that does not ask anyone to give up their gifts in order to be included.

Regular use stimulates creativity and helps to clear frustration that in turn leads to appropriate communication and truthful interaction.

‘When I open my heart, understanding and synchronicity unfolds’ - Claudia Booth, Colour Essence Brochure.

written by Marelna Du Plessis