ASIACT Astrology - May 2017

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Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara Quintessence

The main theme of this quintessence is to generate consciousness of the space within us, to contact the indwelling divine spirit. Using this quintessence helps us to understand at a practical level that what is happening within each of us is happening in the divine, in the Angelic and the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms: that as it is above, so it is below.

Regular use supports us to commune from the deepest level of self with our role models, the inner mother and father and inspire us to move towards interdependence. It supports the change to happen by allaying our fear of being alone so that we are able to discover our true centre from where giving and receiving find an equal space.

When in doubt use this quintessence: it could help bring to light the underlying causes of a particular issue. After we have experienced deep emotional shocks it may help us to accept and respond to our own painful feelings so that we are also able to respond to them in others without running away. Fulfilment in relationships becomes a way of being.

Sanat Kumara could help us step through our pain to support others in need: a whole layer of their pain, and therefore our pain, will dissolve and everyone involved could become part of the flow again.

‘The Kumaras nurture our ability to be conscious of the spark of divinity held within us, so that we may participate in the divine plan with increased awareness.’ Mike Booth with Carol Mcknight, The Aura-Soma Sourcebook.

written by Marelna Du Plessis