ASIACT Astrology - June 2017

Heading underline

‘Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart’ - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Bottle 20

Dane Rudhyar, a remarkable astrologer of the previous century, viewed astrology as a cyclic symphony: a symphony in twelve great movements, twelve great tests, twelve avenues of victory – or necessary collapse! The birthing process in Aries, the first sign, is where we meet the test of isolation – victory in Aries is to become ever-more distinct, not different, from others. Taurus brings the test of creating meaning through wealth – failure being when we identify our destiny with wealth and live in total poverty of the spirit. The test for the Gemini within each of us is to utilise our mind to align our intelligence with the greater intelligence underlying all of life – to understand the illusion of duality and to in some way to transcend it. Until the Summer Solstice on 21 June the Sun, the integrating force in our heavens, is in Gemini – joined by Mercury for most of the month. Gemini is also the sign of the eternally youthful, filled with movement and (if done well!) with childlike, open-minded perception. With great inner wisdom Vicky Wall ascribed Bottle 20, Star Child/ Child’s Rescue to Gemini, a bottle that supports us ‘…to listen to the still, small voice that lies within’. Before receiving higher wisdom, the lower mind must be carefully prepared. Fleeting interests and superficial socialising is replaced by a genuine love of learning and mutually beneficial interaction. Rather than darting from one side to another, the aware Gemini within us can find the connecting links, bringing the mind under the supervision of the soul.

Bottle 57

On an exoteric level, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, who travels freely between Heaven, Earth and the Underworld. These represent the super-conscious the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind. On the esoteric level, Venus oversees Gemini. The keyword for the Goddess of Love is synthesis as she wants harmony and the union of opposing forces. The bottle for Venus is Bottle 57, Pallas Athena and Aeolus, pale pink/pale blue. According to myth, Athena was born from the head of her father, thus avoiding childhood. Both Bottle 20 and 57 have a connection with childhood issues: one message of the pink and blue is that we are accessing a new level of self-acceptance and letting go of the last vestiges of our sense of rejection, betrayal and anger from childhood. As a result, the inner balance between male (structure) and female (vision) could be transformed.

Bottle 13

On the 5th Mars, Our Inner Hero, steps gingerly into sensitive Cancer and on the 6th Venus ingresses her own sign, Taurus. Cancer and Taurus are sextile (60° apart) and as a water and an earth sign admirably support each other’s (and our) processes. Both the Crab and the Bull aim for stability – the Bull slows the process down and loves the stimulation and pleasure provided by being present with our senses. The Crab brings an awareness of the layers of meaning that our emotional life brings and cherishes psychological security- no wonder Vicky ascribed Bottle 13, Change in the New Aeon, clear/green to Cancer and she wrote: ‘Green is the chakra colour known as the space giver, the place giver, and in this context it helps give the confidence to relax our concepts, attitudes and postures so that, in combination with the clear, an expanding consciousness leading to greater harmony with our surroundings can be experienced’. Aura-Soma Self-Discovery Through Colour. With Mars (the Red Planet) in Cancer, the sign of the Moon, we will probably be taking emotional action, plunging away from our well-ordered, well-lit and well-controlled lives. The times they are a-changing and we are embracing the reality that everything changes and fades: to burn out, to suffer betrayal, to experience failure, to have our heart shattered – these compel us to engage life more fully and to find our stability deeply within.

Bottle 25

On the 9th we’ll experience a Full Moon at 18° 53’ Sagittarius/Gemini. New and Full Moons could be viewed as windows or portals in time/space where we can more easily feel and see beyond the constraints of material reality. The days immediately before a New or Full Moon are especially potent for releasing the physical, emotional and mental blockages that prevent us from perceiving the greater truth of our being. Gemini deals with our capacity to perceive and to communicate; Sagittarius, with our ability to conceive and explain our experience. We may ask self: What do we think and feel, and what do we believe? What is fact and what is conjecture? The Guardian Angel for the 9th is Hakamiah and is aligned with Bottle 25, Florence Nightingale Bottle, purple/magenta. The number 25 messages that this bottle could support us to accept our lessons of duality and polarity so particular to our stay on this planet (the two) and that in the five we are enabled to use our five senses to integrate the elemental forces within us (fire, air, water, earth and ether).

Bottle 37

The effect of the Full Moon is intensified by Jupiter, representing faith and foresight (and associated with Sagittarius) turning direct on the same day at 13° Libra. Jupiter remains stationary on the same degree till well into July. When a planet is stationary its volume is turned up: our internal preparatory period of deeper assimilation reaches completion. We are now to apply our search for meaning to the objective world once again and use the energies of Jupiter to influence external matters. Our search for meaning will be uppermost in our minds; we will be compelled to take a chance, to stand firm and change whatever we know is not working in our lives. Bottle 37, The Guardian Angel comes to Earth, violet/blue is the bottle for Jupiter and in the Tarot represents the King of Water: ‘The ability to release old emotional patterns from the personality, to aspire to a higher level, to wish to know essence.’ Mike Booth.

Bottle 63
Bottle 87

Saturn has been retrograding since the first week in April, pressuring us to align what we are doing with who we really are. Our Master Trainer has been called the planet of change perhaps because his transits correspond with the crumbling of whatever structures have outlived their utility. To guarantee we get the message this year Saturn is square Chiron (exact on 30 April and 2 November). Saturn in Sagittarius compels us to question our beliefs, Chiron, The Wounded Healer, in Pisces searches for divine love, for timeless spaciousness and its quest to forgive the world and its inhabitants for injustice, inequity and victimisation. Squares mark important tipping points and a waning square as this one create ‘a crisis in consciousness’ (Dane Rudhyar).The bottle Vicky ascribed to Saturn, Bottle 63, Djwal Khul, emerald green/pale green is about finding ‘the appropriate direction that will take us to where we need to be’ whereas Bottle 87, The Wisdom of Love, pale coral/pale coral (the bottle for Chiron) brings ‘An awareness that we can see ourselves in others, in the mirror of what is in front of us, and to go beyond this to see the essence that lies within’. Equilibrium Resource Cards. We’re learning to see through the eyes of the Greater Whole – witnessing everything, judging nothing.

As always there is much celestial support this month – let’s not take ourselves too seriously: let the freedom of spirit unlock your heart.

written by Marelna Du Plessis