ASIACT Astrology - June 2017

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The Blue Colour Essence and the Blue Colour Essence Cream

This colour essence could be incredibly supportive during the times when life’s challenges become overwhelming as it may activate the inner witness and endorse a deep inner stillness.

The energy of the Mulberry plant is encapsulated in this essence and the Mulberry is connected to the silkworm that feeds on it. ‘The chrysalis of the silkworm is safe and protected in its cocoon. The Mulberry offers peace, nurturing, protection and stillness in the midst of activity.’ Claudia Booth, Aura-Soma Colour Essence Brochure.

The general effect of blue is that it offers peace and a nurturing energy that may lead to creative insight, clarity and egoless communication.

‘The breath carried on the blue leads to the depth of the being’ - Claudia Booth

written by Marelna Du Plessis