ASIACT Astrology - June 2017

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The Orange Pomander

‘We cannot have a world where everyone is a victim. "I'm this way because my father made me this way. I'm this way because my husband made me this way." Yes, we are indeed formed by traumas that happen to us. But then you must take charge, you must take over, you are responsible’ - Camille Paglia

Between the electro-magnetic field and the astral body is the etheric body. It is through the etheric body - to which the physical body relates - that past and future experiences may be accessed. By using the orange pomander we are able to retrieve the relevant information without bringing the emotionally cathartic aspects into the present. This opens the door to insight.

Every trauma offers a choice: we either choose the experience to wound us so much that we are never able to get past it or we choose for it to become the grain of sand around which we produce a pearl. Orange is vital for those who are experiencing the effects of past or present trauma and to overcome the deep fear that lodges in the belly. In instances where hysteria threatens this pomander stimulates objectivity and clarity. Regular use of this pomander is recommended during puberty and menopause when the hormonal system needs support. Orange can also be of help with bedwetting and for those prone to nightmares. It is particularly useful when a parent shares it with their child as orange also relates to issues around dependency and co-dependency.

This pomander also helps to dissipate a fear of dealing with technical apparatus.

written by Marelna Du Plessis