ASIACT Astrology - June 2017

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Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin Quintessence

‘Harmony. A condition of complete simplicity costing not less than everything…’ - Osho Zen

Lao Tsu is a Master Alchemist and Kwan Yin, his consort, is the compassionate goddess of the hearth. Together they bring in the ability to transmute and transform energies. This quintessence works on patterns of tension at a deep level and could help us understand and accept that our past experiences are viewed through the filters that were in operation in our life at that time.

The deep peace of forgiveness becomes part of us as our opinions about our original core family are transformed. You may realise that no one is to blame, not even you. As our attitude to our past changes, our experience of the present changes. Our grief and our anxiety may fade as we become willing to embrace the compassionate truth. Healing is often about changing our perceptions into something that rings even truer.

We know you have reached the truth about a situation when there is no more pain connected to it.

written by Marelna Du Plessis