ASIACT Astrology - July 2017

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The Gold Pomander

‘There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure’ - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The soft fragrance of the gold pomander plants us firmly in the present and in contact with our inner feminine where our intuition originates. Allying our irrational fears, we find incarnational joy in being here; it brings out the materialist in us: the true materialist who loves the material world, who cherishes the things of the world – repairing not despairing and recognising that we are part of a sacred, animated cosmos (anima is Latin for soul).

The gold pomander helps us to access the essence of self and what we are here for, by facilitating the breaking of our outworn habit patterns; the gold supports us to understand the mythic necessity of our wounds - the fact that although the suffering is unavoidable, it is also the source of our healing and our transformation. It eases the contraction in the solar plexus during examinations and facilitates the recall so necessary during tests. The relaxation of tension in the solar plexus also supports the assimilation of food and energy and therefore has a positive effect on digestion and our metabolism.

Regular use helps us to develop an optimistic, positive attitude and encourages us to trust our self and the universal wisdom. It may actually promote our enjoyment of new experiences as it helps to dispel our possible fear of responsibility. It brings balance and patience and inspires spiritual humility.

written by Marelna Du Plessis