ASIACT Astrology - July 2017

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Lady Portia Quintessence

Duality is inherent to life in this time-space continuum: we are constantly subjected to two contrary pulls. On the one hand our life is a quest to move upward on a spiritual path towards self-realisation and union with the Divine; on the other our lives are more like trees, rooted in one spot with an ever-deepening awareness of the roots of our being.

Lady Portia supports us to let go of any judgement, to give equal weight to each polarity, so that instead of being pulled apart, we may be illumined by the spark flowing from pole to pole. Consciousness is integrated awareness and this quintessence could help us attain the integration that expands our consciousness, not only upward and outward, but downward.

Bottle 22

Each quintessence relates to a Master in the set of Equilibrium bottles. Lady Portia aligns with Bottle 59, pale yellow/pale pink - a more intense (lighter) version of Bottle 22, yellow/pink, The Rebirther’s Bottle.

Using this quintessence helps us to experience the birth, the newness of each moment. ‘Every moment is free. Free of all conditions, free of all patterns, free of all hindrances, restrictions and restraints.’ Mike Booth, An Introduction to the Master Sequence.

It supports us to find the joy of being animated in the moment by assisting us to let go into self-acceptance and a compassionate re-evaluation of self. When this happens the contraction in our solar plexus relaxes, our breathing deepens and an eternal internal wisdom surfaces. From this space of inner security, we are able to let go of our most entrenched fears and allow our true self to shine through so that we are able to act and speak with clarity and humility.

Lady Portia supports us to reclaim our sense of humour, to relinquish control and to trust our self to take clear and timely action.

written by Marelna Du Plessis