ASIACT Astrology - August 2017

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The Violet Colour Essence and the Violet Colour Essence cream

‘At the very top chakra, we must not forget the violet, the deep purple of pansy, with its golden eyes gaining its wisdom from the past and the present; and lavender with her noble dignity and healing fragrance bringing into balance all that which is stressed’ - Vicky Wall

The violet colour essence perfectly complements and has a calming effect on the exuberance of the yellow energy while supporting the transformative process. As we let go, we invariably become aware of the tension patterns within us; the energy in this colour essence would support the process of relaxation in a dynamic rather than a merely passive way.

The energies of Amethyst that are carried within this essence and in the cream help us to develop courage and good judgement so that we may prioritise our actions in order to realise our potential in a practical manner.

The intention of this essence is: 'I serve life and life serves me In this peace, being is. Claudia Booth' - Colour Essence brochure.

written by Marelna Du Plessis