ASIACT Astrology - August 2017

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Kuthumi Quintessence

This de-lightful quintessence aids us to find ’…the path of patience, compassion, wisdom and generosity, the path of our willingness to live in the reality of the present. Only here can we find freedom and rest in a timeless perfection’ - Jack Kornfield

Kuthumi connects above and below, so connecting us with the Intelligence that underlies all creation. This master helps to bring the mind into stillness so that we are able to move from merely seeing the content into experiencing the context – and so gain insight into our vantage point and thus understanding our self a bit better. We are then able to respond from our present being (rather than reacting from our past). When this stillness occurs, we may, through our intuition, receive an understanding of the divine plan and our place within it.

This quintessence helps us to find the confidence to trust – to let go of the urge to control: to trust that life is giving us exactly what we need in order to grow. This open-mindedness naturally connects us with heaven and creates a joy in being alive, connecting above and below – we go beyond self-consciousness to self-realisation. The knot in our solar plexus relaxes and clarity of mind arises. Our communication is taken to a different level, not only with ourselves and with our fellow human beings, but with the Beings of the unseen worlds above and below us.

When we use Kuthumi, we create attunement and communication with the devic realms as well as an awareness of the entire mineral and plant realms. Our insight into how things are linked may be deepened. This quintessence relates to Pythagoras and could open us to understanding science and numbers.

written by Marelna Du Plessis