Birth of Archangel Jeremiel

Heading underline

The way of all fulfilment goes through darkness to achieve the light. The root whose daughter is the rose Was nourished in the utter night.

Flowerings, Olivia Hale

Bottle 108

When Archangel Jeremiel was born 14° 28' Pisces was ascending on the Eastern horizon. Jupiter (expansive faith) and Uranus, God of Chaos, were at 24° 37' and 26° 42' Pisces respectively. Pisces is the last sign Pisces on our Wheel of Life, where it all dissolves into the Whole, where we know we are all One: where we have to sacrifice chaos. 'He who is last shall be first..' Like the petals of the Lotus we ever unfold: we cannot be a flower and a bud at the same time. To flower we leave our bud-ness behind and once the flower goes to seed, we have no choice but to sacrifice our flower-ness. Christ took his suffering on the cross gladly. It's called a passion. We need to surrender everything, accept the sacrifices, before we can be born again in Aries.

A message borne out by Bottle 108 as the Moon in the birth chart leads the pack at 2° 23' Aries – the only celestial body in a personal sign. Aries represents beginnings, each turn of the Wheel builds upon the foundation laid by the previous one. In this sense it represents eternity: not covering the same ground but an ever-expanding awareness, consciousness building upon itself.

The Sun, representing our vital essence, is at 22° 23' Sagittarius, the sign of hope, of a broad and comprehensive intuitive understanding of the spiritual underpinnings of all existence. The energies of Sagittarius manifest primarily through Jupiter on the physical level and Mars on the spiritual.

Which brings us to the most outstanding feature of this chart: a conjunction between Mercury, Pluto and Mars at 4° Capricorn. (Even the Lunar North Node is close by at 2° 49' Capricorn). Capricorn as the third earth sign, represents the peak of individual achievement on the physical level, perfecting his body as the vehicle of his soul. If Cancer could be called the 'gate into incarnation', Capricorn is then the 'gate out of incarnation'. The influence of Capricorn holds the key to the soul's liberation from materiality, enabling us to fulfil our spiritual responsibilities.

Mars can be viewed as the lower-octave manifestation of Pluto – the former being the planet of earthly and physical change and the latter being the planet of metaphysical and spiritual change. If Mars represents a call to action, a call for us to make an intention, a decision or a resolve, then conjunct Pluto and Mercury it is a call for us to find the wisdom hidden in our subconscious, the domain of Pluto – Jeremiel can support us to find this precious gift, cultivating it and cajoling it out of hiding. With Mercury so close by, retrograde, turning deeply toward our heart, we will find ourselves expressing insights we did not know we had.

Part of the Hero's journey is the archetype of the divine return: having gone into the Underworld to slay your dragons, one has to come back to recount one's story. It's not just enough to Capricorn, to empower our self or to replace the divine archetype father – we need to go down on one knee as the Water Bearer does and share our subjective experiences. Part of the healing process is the renewal of the world by pouring forth the water that we have experienced.

No wonder Neptune, the planet associated with Pisces, is closely conjunct Chiron, our Wounded Healer at 26° Aquarius.

Living this chart will be a bit like bareback horse riding - quantum leaps of faith seem inevitable.

  • Sun: A group of immigrants as they fulfil the requirements of entrance into the new country. Keynote: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present. Keyword: TRANSITION
  • Moon: The cameo profile of a man, suggesting the shape of his country. Keynote: The sustaining power of the Whole, as the individual indentifies himself with Its life. Keywords: PARTICIPATION IN A GREATER LIFE
  • Conjunction of Mars, Pluto and retrograde Mercury: Indians on the warpath. While some men row a well-filled canoe, others in it perform a war dance. Keynote: The mobilisation of physical and emotional energies in a spirit of conquest. The symbol suggests that AGGRESSIVENESS may be a necessary ingredient in the activation of the potential growth inherent in any social group.
  • Conjunction of Chiron and Neptune: An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets. Keynote: The importance of traditional skills and artistic values deeply rooted in man's instinctive feelings as frames of reference for man's most authentic emotions. Keywords: DELICACY OF FEELING