South African Experience

21 September - 8 October 2006
From the new moon to the full moon

African White Lions

A sacred journey
into the heartland of the animal kingdom
listening to the star within

Image of Houses

Our Sacred journey will be guided by the great White Lions of Timbavati. White Lions are the ancient guardians of Gold.

Journey towards your Incarnational Star which lies in your golden area, then participate in the “Listening to the Star Within” to consolidate your journey and experience.

By doing so, explore and re-activate the energetic link with the subterranean Gold Seam that runs straight south from the Nile.


Start the sacred journey with a day of meditation in the sacred site of Tsau! This is at the very heart of white lion kingdom of Earth.

Tsau! is the word for Star-lion, and Tsimba-vaati means “The Place where the Starlions came down from the heavens”, in the ancient Shangaan language.

South African Valley

Programme for the journey will be put together by Mike in consultation with Linda Tucker, the Keeper of the White Lion Sanctuary.

Dr. Fritjof Kraft (Rahasya) and Nura will be offering courses during the programme.

We will journey to some of the most spectacular landscapes and sacred sites the planet has to offer, encounter the wilderness of Africa, its animals, wisdom traditions and spirituality. Many suggest this was the birth place of humanity.

The White Lion Reintroduction is not a commercial programme, but it is committed to the protection of our Sacred Heritage. It is therefore not open to the public, and the Aura-Soma group has been specially invited by the White Lion Custodian with an intention that we are able to make contributions on many different levels.

Provisional Itinerary Outline:
Sept 21 Group Arrival
Sept 22-26 Group Sacred Journey
Sept 27-30 Listening to the Star Within - presented by Mike
Sept 28-30 Into the Hands of Grace - presented by Rhasya & Nura
Oct 2-7 Teachers Training Level 1 presented by Mike
Oct 2-7 Oneness Consciousness - presented by Rhasya & Nura
Oct 8 Group Departure

Additional activities are available nereby:

Swimming, Golf, Cycling, Hiking, Hot Air Balloon trips over the African Bushveld and more.

Image of a Deer


We will be staying on the banks of the Klaserie River, the great river in the sacred land of the South which perfectly aligns with the Nile in the North, and just outside the Timbavati Reserve.

Zoomed map Map of Southern Africa

Nearest Airports:

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(Transfer to Kubu by coach will be arranged.)

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