The Sacred Language of Colour and Number

Monday October 7 – Thursday October 10

Colour and Number are two pre Babylonian language systems; they therefore represent aspects of the unified field. When we look at the energies behind the bottles, the numbers and the colours are in harmony because the sacred languages of number and colour seem synonymous. When they come together in revelation, which is what the Aura-Soma system is, then there is a synchronicity between the universal language of colour and the universal language of number which works together to reflect perspectives of the relative truth and something of the objective truth.

We are many faceted beings with unlimited potential. Looking at the interface between the numbers and colours brings to light some of the many hidden facets in the soul's journey, as revealed through the sacred languages of colour and number. The revelation of the number sequences that lie behind the chosen colours can lead to a very deep and insightful experience.

When the 4 chosen bottles are looked at in this way, they reveal a much greater depth of understanding, reflected in the interface between the colours and the numbers. This has great potential for the consultation process, particularly for those regular clients who may continue to choose some of the same bottles each time they come. Through the exploration in this way, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying energies that have brought the soul to the present moment.

During this course there will be many opportunities for you to develop your skills and understanding of this process as you share with group members in an experiential way.