Colour as Consciousness

Monday October 14 – Saturday October 19, 2013

Colour is Consciousness. There is no separation between what we need and what we are. The consciousness that perceives what we are called to is what needs those colours to support it to become more of its potentiality. The Aura-Soma system could be a means to support us in the journey towards ourselves. By recognizing and remembering our true nature, we can manifest the Miracle that We Are. “Life is only real when I am” Mike Booth at the 72 Angels Teachers Part 1, Schweibenalp, Switzerland

I am often asked: Where does the Aura-Soma system come from. What is it that I am contributing to? Vicky made this statement very clearly.

She said it comes from the source of stillness beyond light. In other words, somewhere within the whole realm of existence there is something which has brought it into being to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Each Equilibrium bottle could be called a chalice of light, containing within it something that helps people to re-member themselves. The Aura-Soma colour system is the key towards the development of the light body which is a consequence of the remembrance with awareness of our whole physicality.

As we become more awakened, more aware, we begin to build something towards the future. Collectively, we are building towards a light network in the world. Each of us is awakening in the process and the more we work with the ‘compost’ of the conditioning the greater the possibility for growing the light body.

During this 6 day seminar Mike Booth will share the deepest meanings of colour in all its forms as he shares why colour is consciousness and how the Aura-Soma bottles can support us in our journey towards ourselves, transforming our deepest conditioned patterns thus building the body of light within and around us.

This course is also acceptable for the 36 hours further study requirement as part of the L4. Anyone who attends this course, regardless of training level, will automatically fulfill that requirement.