The Three Stars of the Subtle Anatomy

Thursday October 24 – Sunday October 27

The understanding of the Subtle Anatomy of Man from an Aura-Soma perspective is to relate to the eight energy centres of the body and the three stars – the Soul Star, the Incarnational Star and the Earth Star. In the Aura-Soma system we recognise an eighth energy centre which is above the head. This is the magenta centre/chakra. The incarnational star is at the centre of our being, the true aura, the soul star is above our head, above the eighth chakra and the earth star is deep within Mother Earth.

It is through connecting with these three stars, the eight energy centres, and using the Aura-Soma system as a tool enabling us to bring light to deep within, that we open our subconscious/unconscious to allow our energies to flow more freely and become more conscious, more fully realised beings.

This course offers a very deep and profound experience to all those drawn to it, especially those committed to working with themselves for the greater good and to supporting the Earth in her evolutionary process at this point in time.

During this course, meditations and practical experiences will enable each of us to become more aware of our own consciousness and energy flow. We will learn how, when energy flows from both the soul star and the earth star, the process of individuation occurs with the hope of entering the Emerald of the Heart.