Listening to the Star Within

Monday November 4 – Thursday November 7

This is one of the most important courses beyond the basic training. Just above the navel and a little way inside is a very bright pinpoint of light, like a diamond or a star, which is at the center of the being. This is known as the Incarnational Star and contained within this star is the hologram of the life.

We each have three stars, the Earth Star, the Incarnational Star and the Soul Star which came from that one bright point of light as we came into incarnation. Each one of these three stars is always in a relationship with the other two. As we connect to the Earth Star we have the possibility of activating all three of our stars, and the way we do this is through attention and concentration on the breath. In this way, we can connect to the Incarnational Star within the Golden area of the body which then brings the possibility of activating the hologram. When we give our attention to the Star within it helps us to become grounded, centered and more conscious. As the Golden area contains the gifts of our wisdom, the more we can focus our attention there, the more we can access these gifts and then we can come to the heart in the right way, through the wisdom of the Gold.

This is just a brief outline of the four-day Listening to the Star Within course. As always Mike will guide and support us through the experiences to facilitate a deeper connection to the Star that you are.

This course fulfils the pre-requisite for entry to the Teacher Training and also qualifies for Practitioner, Colour Care Consultant and Teacher Renewal.