Sacred Journey in Japan
An Ancient KUMANO Pilgrimage Road

13th - 16th April 2008
Following "Listening to the Star Within"
on 9th - 12th April 2008

Some of you may recall that we experienced the first Japanese Sacred Journey on the island of Shikoku in May 2004. We are therefore delighted to announce that the second Japanese International Sacred Journey has now been planned to take place in April 2008.

This 4 day journey will follow immediately after the important 4 day course "Listening to the Star Within" to be held in the same region. Connecting to your Star before the Sacred Journey is extremely valuable and entering into earth work can really deepen the experience.

A UNESCO's World Heritage site, Kumano Kodou is an ancient road to the hallowed ground Kumano Sanzan, set in the Kii Mountains, linked by pilgrimage routes to the ancient historical capital cities of Nara and Kyoto. It reflects the fusion of Shinto, rooted in the ancient tradition of nature worship in Japan, and Buddhism (see the book about the Aura-Soma system and Shinto, "The Roots of Nature and Colour").

This area has historically been understood and appreciated as one of the most spiritual and mythological, with exquisite beauty where ancient gods were worshipped since earliest times. Geographically, it is situated in the central region where the East and the West Japan meet.

To make a pilgrimage to this area is a true desire at the heart of every Japanese person. In this journey we will follow this holy road, sometimes along the meandering rivers, surrounded by the forest and mountains. Sometimes we will encounter waterfalls and hot springs, as well as the scenery of cultivated agricultural fields.

We hope to share the joy, pleasure and appreciation of sheer beauty and the spirituality of a Japanese landscape at its best. The mountains will be covered with cherry blossoms in the full spring sunshine, just released from severe winter. (A New Beginning for Love)

We will be based at Nanki Shirahama in Wakayama prefecture, where we will be able to enjoy the vistas of the Pacific Ocean (please refer to the map).

Apart from daily bus rides, walks and meditations with Mike, special events such as an opportunity to sample Zen training, a Taiko drum performance, and a thrilling boat trip down the Kumano River will be included in the programme.

The price will follow for those who express an interest - we will come back to you within the next few weeks with the final price and the booking form.

As we will be travelling together in a hired bus, the number of places are limited. We would therefore recommend you to book your place as soon as possible.

Upon confirmation of your booking, we will send you information regarding travel details/arrangements from Tokyo Narita airport, climate and other appropriate information. If you are travelling from Europe, we may be able to assist with international transfers.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.

With Love and Light


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