Patagonia, Argentina Oct 22nd – Nov 2nd, 2009

Patagonia, Argentina Oct 22nd – Nov 2nd, 2009
(from the new moon to the full moon)
A Sacred Journey and Several Courses to be held.
Nov 3rd – 6th: Optional events in Buenos Aires

We are very excited about the possibilities that are unfolding in the planning of the Academy event planned in Patagonia in late autumn next year. Currently the itinerary and accommodation are under discussion and further information will be coming to you as soon as things are confirmed.

Earth work is a very important aspect of Aura-Soma understanding. As a being, Gaia’s journey is unfolding concurrently with our own personal journey towards the “Light Body”. Each is dependent on the other for the unfolding of the new consciousness on earth and the evolution of the earth towards her potential as humanity also evolves towards its potential.

In one sense, we could say that the earth was given to humanity in sacred trust, that she offered herself up in order that we may have the opportunity to come to a different level of being, that as we evolve, so she reciprocally evolves. To gather in various parts of the world in the context of the Aura-Soma practice, and to offer the tools of Aura-Soma to the earth in gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities that she makes available, helps each of us to fulfill our destiny in relation to the earth.

These very special events are being organised to enable this possibility to come about. Many of you may feel called to this event as part of a prior commitment made, an appointment in time. We look forward to gathering together in these sacred places upon the earth, as Vicky said "For those who wish to remember themselves".

Apart from a Sacred Journey in this spectacular landscape, several 3 and 4 day courses are being planned, and there will be an international team of Aura-Soma presenters. We look forward to getting in touch with you with more details in due course.