World Congress

Mürren, Near Interlaken

8th to 23rd June 2007

“A spiritual journey to the top of Europe”
“The Jung Frau” one of the most mystical mountains in the world

Swiss Congress

Mürren, Switzerland

June, 2007

International World Congress

in the Swiss Alps.

Mürren where the world congress will take place is a spectacular location in the Bernese Oberland with a panoramic view of the most famous snow-capped summits in the Alps (Eiger 3970m, Monk 4099m, Jungfrau 4158m).

This traffic free village lies on a cliff terrace above a valley of waterfalls connecting heaven and earth.

A trip to the Jungfraujoch (3454m) – the top of Europe will be part of the Mountain Congress experience – hiking in heaven. This railway trip to the top of Europe is the highlight of the area and the ice palace. The Jungfrau Region belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage – it has a breath taking view over a glacier-world, a wonderworld of snow and ice.

We will visit Glacier waterfalls, the only glacier waterfalls accessible in Europe inside the mountain. Goethe was inspired by these waterfalls and wrote his poem “Song of the Spirits over the Waters”. The thundering Trümmuelbach Falls have been awarded stars as a place most worthwhile to visit.

We will be refreshed and rejuvenated by the waterfalls, a symbol of wealth in Feng Shui.

Stillness and mountain energy will center and nurture you. Come and see! This panoramic mountain view will open your heart and connect heaven and earth in you.

Congress Courses

Teachers Update 2 days

(9-10th) June

Presented by Claudia Booth, Iris Rebilas and Mike Booth

An opportunity for all teachers to come together with Claudia, Iris and Mike to hear the latest developments within the AURA-SOMA Colour-Care-System and AS I ACT training.

Sacred Journey 3 days

(11th-13th) June

Presented by Mike & Claudia Booth and joined by Peter & Sarah Dawkins (to be confirmed).

A number of trips will be organised as part of the experience, including a railway trip to the summit of Jungfraujoch (3454m), a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a visit to an awe-inspiring glacier waterfall near to the region.

Teachers Training Level 1 6 days

(17th-22nd) June

Presented jointly by Hanni Reichlin-Meldegg, Margrit Wacker and Iris Rebilas

A rare opportunity to experience Level 1 teacher training with three of the most experienced Level 1 Teachers. With contributions from Victoria Silks and Claudia Booth. Completion of this course enables you to offer Aura-Soma Foundation courses to students.

Teachers Training Level 2 9 days

(14th-22nd) June

Presented by Mike Booth with Ailleen Divine

These will be some of the last Level 2 teacher trainings offered by Mike. Completion of this course enables you to offer Aura-Soma Intermediate courses to your students.

Between 14th and 22nd of June. For those not attending the Teachers 2, alternative 3 day courses are available:

Colour Essences and the landscape for Practitioners and Teachers (14th-16th)

Presented by Claudia Booth

Numerology Level I (14th-16th)

Numerology Level II (17th-19th)

Palmistry Level I (20th-22nd)

Presented by John Dillon-Guy

Aura-Soma and Astrology Simplified (20th-22nd)

Presented by Marelna du Plessis

Aura-Soma and Craniosacraltherapy

(5 day - 18th-22nd)

Presented by Maria Darbellay

The Aura-Soma Astro Biochemic Salts (17th-19th) Presented by Alison Effting

Chakra Balance Massage (15th-17th) Presented by Vicki Engeham

Dancing in the Shadows (14th-16th) Presented by Val Anderson

Butterfly and Sea Essences Parts I & II (14th-19th) Presented by Erik Pelham

(First time Erik has presented for over 1 year.)

Golden Thread (20th-22nd)

Presented by Carol McKnight

Colour and Light on the Pathways (1 day - 14th)

Presented by Shanto Dorcey

Details are subject to change. We will be in touch with you as soon as further information is available. In the meantime, we hope you will pencil the dates 8-23 June 2007 into your diary.

Résumés of the above courses follow:

AS I ACT World Congress

Mürren, Interlaken,

June 2007

Résumé of Additional Courses

Colour Essences and the Landscape

For Practitioners and Teachers

Claudia Booth

Vicky called these bottles ‘Liquid Light’. They introduce us to tools/chakras that have always been at our disposal and help us to learn how to utilise them. 7 colours, 7 musical notes – we are an instrument of harmony and balance. How many new tunes can we learn?

The Colour Essences can affect our thoughts and feelings. They enhance the fluidity of communication between all the different levels of our energy field bringing greater clarity and the potential for insight.

They can help us to ground our intention and to invoke and manifest appropriate energy for a given situation. The exercises help us to attune to the helpful and supportive energies of place. Thus developing a far greater respect and potential exchange with Mother Earth.

The exercises within this course help us to understand what the Colour Essences can do so that we have a greater understanding of what we might be recommending to others.

Working with the Colour Essences is a joyous initiation into emotional intelligence. Let’s look at the rainbow within and learn to recognise it in the landscape. Let’s explore some of the sacred site energy of the area together and learn how the land and other energies around us can support our Aura-Soma work and help us to focus on specific colour work in relation to our chosen bottles. There are aspects of this course which you might call ‘hands on Feng Shui’.

Numerology 1 & 2

John Dillon-Guy

Heavily based in the Modern System of Numerology (which is relevant to Aura-Soma) and the Traditional European System, these courses also include material from some earlier systems. The aim is to provide students with the common theme which runs through all these systems. Thus allowing the student to work with a wide range of techniques, and call on the full depth of several vocabularies of interpretation. The style is to present the numbers as if they were people who we can know as we know our friends.

Numerology 1 3 days

Day 1 introduction & history, basic vocabulary 0 to 9, “actors in the play” technique for

analysing any number, concept of the

grid layout.

Day 2 traditional and modern systems,

analysing higher numbers, harmony &

contrast, frequency grids and numeric

diet, a journey from 0 to 34.

Day 3 analytical techniques, analysing people’s

relationships, sequences & shapes, dates

and day numbers, cycles in life,

numerology in Aura-Soma bottle


Numerology 2 3 days

Day 1 Hebrew system, Four Worlds, Veils &

Wheels, journeys down and up the Tree,

gates, demonstration reading.

Day 2 Runes background, the entire, story

through the Aura-Soma bottles, runic

system readings, Yggdrasill, practical.

Day 3 Greek system, biorhythms, magic

squares, sacred geometry, working with

numerology in Aura-Soma.


John Dillon-Guy

These courses are based in the Modern System of Palmistry, backed up by a lot of material from the Traditional European System, and ocasionally calling on information from the Indian and Romany systems. The student will be able to read a client’s character and aptitudes, and to see the journey of the client’s life.

After some practice, the student will be able to date the main influential events in a life to an accuracy of a year or so. What shows in the hand is the effect an event has, not what the event was.

Palmistry 1 (special version) 3 days

Day 1 introduction, hand shapes, mounts on

the palm, finger-nails.

Day 2 life line, head line, heart line, and their

associated minor lines.

Day 3 fate line and its associates, basic

partnership & progeny.

Aura-Soma and Astrology


Marelna Du Plessis

This workshop explores the relationship between Aura-Soma and the age-old discipline of astrology. It has been designed to utilise the participant’s knowledge of Aura-Soma to create an understanding of the principles of Western astrology. Combining the keywords for the colour with the keywords for the signs and houses, an entire new world and a collective theme present themselves.

The first day is dedicated to laying out the structure of astrology using language that an Aura-Soma practitioner can relate to. The twelve colours on the colour rose are linked to the concept of the twelve houses and the gifts and talents that need to be unearthed at a practical level. The interrelation of the houses and the signs in terms of colour is investigated and applied to the charts of participants and their bottle selection for the day.

The three modes, the four elements and the resulting twelve signs are explored in terms of the three tendencies. With our new-found wisdom and using the Colour Key to Astrology Chart, we go into the bottles Vicky ascribed to the signs and playfully investigate how the practitioner may benefit from this knowledge.

On the third day we have a look at the bottle attributions from the tarot and how these contribute to, clarify and affirm the guidance the universe has to offer. There is joy in creatively linking the personal with the archetypal images and fresh insights into astrology, Aura-Soma and our own growth process become possible.

Aura-Soma and Craniosacraltherapy

Maria Darbellay

The Quintessences and their Relationship with The Cranial Nerves “Working with the Masters”

Maria is an Aura-Soma Teacher and Craniosacraltherapists in Berne, Switzerland.She has worked as a physical therapist since 1986.

Her studies of Visionary Craniosacraltherapy began in 1995 and at the same time she met Aura-Soma. Since 1992 she has her own practice for holistic healing.

Since the very beginning, Aura-Soma and Craniosacral therapy have been joining together. Margret Cockbain, the companion of Vicky Wall, has been one of the first Craniosacral therapists in England. As a pioneer, she explored the interface of Aura-Soma and Craniosacraltherapy. Working with Craniosacraltherapy for many years, Margret passed her insights from her discoveries onto Maria. And she has been integrating it in her practice and is teaching Aura-Soma and Craniosacraltherapy in Europe and Japan.

In this 5 day course we will explore the Quintessences and their connection with the brain structure and the cranial nerves:

Introduction of the Craniosacraltherapy as a non-intrusive therapy. The history of Craniosacraltherapy and his founder Dr. William Sutherland Building up a relationship field and the therapeutic presence. The tides and the auric field, the rhymes of the cranial waves - the breath of life

The cranial nerves and the Quintessences

How the 4 bottle colour selection shows which Quintessences support the cranial nerves and its functions.

How to apply a Quintessence in a basic craniosacral treatment The meaning and importance of stillness

The course is designed to enable the practitioner to give a basic Craniosacral treatment, to apply the Quintessence and Pomanders in relation to the cranial nerves and to support the wellbeing of the client by enhancing the awareness of the beauty of being.

Aura-Soma, Astrology and Colour Astro-Biochemistry

Alison Effting

Alison is an Aura-Soma Teacher and Biochemic Practitioner of Cape Town, South Africa, and Director of the Biochemic Institute of Southern Africa - a branch of the Biochemisher Bund Deutschland, founded by Dr Scheussler in Oldenburg in 1885. Her specific area of interest lies in the interface of matter and energy - chemical and radiant - and how we are able to enhance our wellbeing in terms of these subtle energies.

This 3 day course explores the connection between the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System and the Biochemic System of Medicine of Dr WH Schuessler, and how to apply this understanding in the context of an Aura-Soma Consultation.

Over the three days we will explore:

An introduction to the Biochemic System and

creation of health through non-intrusive methods, relationships with Homeopathy and other


The human energy field and chakras - how stress

patterns show in the energy field and the body-

mind connection.

The twelve tissue salts individually; their functions, facial signs, astro-biochemic allocations and

Aura-Soma colour correspondences, evolving a

more esoteric understanding of the system.

Sharing the 4-bottle colour selections with one

another and translating the colour sequence to the

most supportive tissue salts.

The course is designed to enable the practitioner to make recommendations of supplementary mineral tissue salts to support wellbeing through the integration of the colour care process from the level of consciousness through to the cellular level. The tissue salts may be used in conjunction with the appropriate Equilibrium, Pomander, Quintessence and Colour Essence recommendations.

Chakra Balance Massage Course

‘Working with your Angels’

Vicki Engeham

Vicki Engeham has worked as a practitioner and educator of natural therapies since 1985. Apart from her busy practice, she is a recognised Louise Hay instructor and a Level 3 Aura-Soma Teacher.

The 3 day course consists of introducing the Aura-Soma products as healing tools, drawing on Vicki’s many years of experience as a healer & practitioner.

Introduction to the Aura-Soma system from a client based perspective

A practical hands-on exercise using the

vibrant Chakra set of oils on the body

in a specific massage technique

A sealing and protecting of the layers

of the Auric field with colour

An Explanation of each colour for each


Invoking the subtle energies of the

Ascended Masters

Calling in the Angels of each ray

Using breath work and colour in a

gentle way to release stuck issues

An exercise on Healing Shock and


Healing with ancient Sounds

Explanation of layout of crystals and


Meditation with Colour

Dancing in the Shadows

Val Anderson

Val Anderson is a Level 3 Aura-Soma Teacher/Practitioner, and a Visionary Artist who specialises in ‘Soul Portraits’ - mystical paintings that explore many levels of your Being. A transformational life experience in 1985 opened Val to the possibilities inherent in connection to the Angelic Realms and the Spiritual Hierarchy that support the evolution of Planet Earth. Since that time Val has worked extensively throughout Australia and overseas supporting others in connecting to their inner guidance, and understanding their true purpose here on planet earth.

‘Dancing in the Shadows’ explores your ‘Personal Colour Code’ as revealed by your Equilibrium Colour choices and your Birthdate - your Aura-Soma ‘Horoscope’. Throughout the course you will gain unique insights into who you really are, and how the underlying patterns from your birthdate bottles have influenced and shaped you. As you journey will create your own personal ‘Rainbow Bridge’, then walk that bridge of Colour & Light into the world, accepting your part in the unfolding of the great creation. The keys you gain from this process will open doors to freedom and awareness, to an acceptance of the truth and beauty that is the essence of you, and you will find yourself able to step forward confidently into what may become a new level of your work in the world.

‘Come Dance in the Shadows’, and let your Inner Light shine - you may never be the same again!

Erik’s Butterfly and Sea Essences

Parts One & Two

For those searching for the Truth behind Life and who see the need for a fundamental change in our approach to ourselves, our health and well-being. In these days we go into what really is behind life, what colour is, how it works and where it comes from. The Butterfly essences are about colour. We see where they fit in AURA-SOMA and the significance of the different frequencies. We go into the Sea essences and explore how they enhance relationships bringing all forms of life back to well being and harmonious relationships. The courses balance learning with experiencing the essences for yourself, both in a personal and a group context. They are an adventure in which we explore ourselves, our relationships and life as well as exploring the beauty of co-creation and learning with the Spiritual world.

Part One introduces the essences and all the information to us. HOW and WHEN to use the essences, WHAT they are, HOW they fit into the Aura Soma system, WHERE they come from and HOW they fit into the scheme of Creation.

Part Two takes the appreciation of the essences to a more advanced level helping us to understand the greater working of Creation and where the essences fit into that. We explore the deeper meaning behind Butterflies themselves, and look at new Higher frequencies of colour energy and experience new essences. We learn how to use essences sequentially as we move through an experience helping to bring an unfolding experience.

Golden Thread

Carol McKnight

Carol McKnight developed the Golden Thread course to be a continuation of the information presented in the Level III Aura-Soma training. She realized that after completing the Level III course many of her students still had a yearning to further explore the concepts presented. She felt that students would benefit from a more complete understanding of the concepts introduced, so that they might have a personal experience of the relevance to themselves. Carol helps the wisdom traditions of the past to come alive in the present so that students may feel that aliveness in their bodies, a resonance in their emotions and perceive exciting intellectual insights.

The course will include developing a facileness with drawing the thread of Aura-Soma bottles through the Tree of Life. Whether you are a practitioner or student, you may find it easier to use the thread to enhance the content offered in an Aura-Soma consultation. Students will study the Tree of Life to learn more of the information patterned within it and how that information is viable and available. The symbolism and imagery of the Tarot and the soul patterns depicted there will be interwoven with the understanding of the Tree enabling the coded information of an individual’s thread to become a greater multi-dimensional source of light and understanding. Carol will also focus on the significance of the numbers in the Aura-Soma system and the meaning of the related Hebrew letters in order to further the communication offered by individual Equilibrium bottles. This process of discovery through the golden thread may help elucidate our own patterns and tendencies so that we may more easily release what is timely and thus enhance those gifts and directions that are drawing us forward.

Colour and Light on the Pathways

Shanto Dorcey

Shanto L. Dorcey has trained with the AS IACT Academy, U.K in 1991. She is one of the Senior Teachers, and teaches the Bridge Course throughout the world and the Teachers 1. Robert Abrahamson, OMD, L.AC., is the co-founder of the courses and has been an acupuncturist and herbalist for more than 27 years. He is also certified in Subtle Body Healing. Robert is the author of Divine Healing: A SpiritMindBody Workbook.

Color, light and the frequencies of plants and crystals in relation to consciousness.

This one-day event is aimed at introducing the Beamer Light Pen related to an individual’s personal gifts. The Light Pen does not relate directly with a person’s mind, personality or emotions but to that within us, which recognizes who we are.

The Beamer Light Pen when introduced to different points of entry, whether they are chakras, acupuncture points or the auric fields with the soul’s color choice tends to awaken a natural intelligence, releases emotional tension patterns, and through letting go bring about a sense of deep peace, relaxation and self recognition.

In this workshop, Light Pens will be available to practice some intuitive work, some guided exercises and to experience your color choice in the subtle energy fields.

I also invite you to consider a Certified Practitioner Education with the Light Pen in my classes “Colour and Light on the Pathways” Levels 1,2 and 3 in the various classes worldwide. The courses are certified as Practitioner On-Going Renewal courses with the AS I ACT Academy.

Map of Switzerland

A Map of Switzerland, showing Interlaken

(which is the next largest town to Murren),

the chosen location for the

ASIACT World Congress in 2007

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