Current Energies of the 3rd Moon Cycle

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We are now in the 3rd Moon of the 13-Moon Year
corresponding to Tone 3of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

The 3rd Moon is called "Electric"
(always correlated to Sept 20- Oct 17).
Its totem animal is the deer.
The key words to focus on for the "Electric Moon" include
Power: "Activate"
Action: "Bonding"
Essence: "Service"

Action Directive: "How can I best serve"

The bonded energies are activated for Service.

The moon starts with kin 5 Red Overtone Serpent (Empowering and irradiating life-force) and finishes with kin 32 Yellow Rhythmic Human (Balancing wisdom). Being a red year, the first day of the moon is always red and the last yellow, occult colours. The tones are in sequence: for example 3 in the first day and 4 in the last; the glyphs always at a distance of 7.
In relation to the Planetary Wavespell of Service of the year, that of the Red Magnetic Moon, that unifies in order to purify, this 3rd moon relates to kin 211, Blue Electric Monkey.

Bottle 9 Bottle 1 kin 209 Bottle 13 Bottle 1
Bottle 10 Bottle 2 kin 210 kin 221 kin 220 Bottle 12 Bottle 0
Bottle 11 Bottle 3 kin 211 kin 219 Bottle 11 Bottle 19
Bottle 12 Bottle 4 kin 212 kin 218 Bottle 10 Bottle 18
kin 217 Bottle 9 Bottle 17
kin 213 kin 214 kin 215 kin 216
Bottle 5 Bottle 6 Bottle 7 Bottle 8
Bottle 13 Bottle 14 Bottle 15 Bottle 16

As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B11 (the Monkey) The Essene Bottle 1, the Path of Strength, and B3 (the Electric Tone) The Heart Bottle, the Empress. Through taking responsability for our thoughts and feelings we can be in peace and harmony in a playful and magic way and find the clarity in our conscious mind to bring warmth and tenderness to the deepest parts of ourselves. How can I best serve? Opening the emerald of the heart with the pink of acceptance, compassion and unconditional love. The Electric Monkey is the energy of the transit of Venus, the possibility of oneness, the inner marriage of the male and the female. The antipode, kin 81, Red Electric Dragon, is the possibility to integrate the power of birth, of nourishing, the female creative aspect of God. >From the Aura-Soma perspective it's the energy of B81 Unconditional Love. It's really the challenge to nurture ourselves in order to become sensitive and caring for others. It's also the Return Journey of the Empress, that suggests the feminine aspect of the Earth.

211=21 A new beginning for Love. 1 The Physical Rescue, the Path of the Magician, outward journey. The rescue of our physicality that takes place when love comes to the heart. 11 and 2, B11 The Essene Bottle 1, the Path of Strength and B2 The Peace Bottle, the High Priestess. When we bring light to matter and our being becomes illumined we blossom like flowers and become a portal for peace, for a communication that passes through us. 2 and 11, B2 The Peace Bottle, the High Priestess, B11 The Essene Bottle 1, the Path of Strength. Being a portal for the energy of peace of the High Priestess.

81=8 Anubis, the Path of Justice and 1 the Physical Rescue. The healing of our body of light that can take place when we do what we like and our heart becomes light. B81 Unconditional Love. The Return Journey of the Empress.

Planets: Venus Solar Prophetic. Neptune Galactic Karmic. Allied Memory Instinc Circuit activated.

Kin 81
Red Electric Dragon
Kin 211
Blue Electric Monkey
Bottle 81 Bottle 11 Bottle 3
Unconditional love
The Essene 1
The Heart Bottle
Bottle 8 Bottle 1 Bottle 21 Bottle 1
B8 Anubis B1
The Physical Rescue
A new beginning for Love
The Physical Rescue
Bottle 2 Bottle 11
The Peace Bottle
The Essene 1

Considering the 16 years of the Cube of the Warrior, we are in the 10th.

The Wavespell related to is the 10th, that of the White Magnetic Mirror kin 118, attracting the purpose of Endlessness

Bottle 18 Bottle 1 kin 118 Bottle 13 Bottle 10
Bottle 19 Bottle 2 kin 119 kin 130 kin 129 Bottle 12 Bottle 9
Bottle 0 Bottle 3 kin 120 kin 128 Bottle 11 Bottle 8
Bottle 1 Bottle 4 kin 121 kin 127 Bottle 10 Bottle 7
Bottle 2 Bottle 5 kin 122 kin 126 Bottle 9 Bottle 6
kin 123 kin 124 kin 125
Bottle 6 Bottle 7 Bottle 8
Bottle 3 Bottle 4 Bottle 5

In this case this 3rd moon would be associated to kin 120, Yellow Electric Sun, activating life, universal fire. As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B0 or 20 (the Sun) the Spiritual Rescue and the Children' Rescue, and B3 (the Electric tone), the Path of the Fool or of Judgement and of the Empress. We can activate the possibility of enlightenmen if we bond the clarity in the sense doors with the love and grace in the small things of our life. Or of B1, the Physical Rescue, and B20 the Children' Rescue, The Star Child, the Path of the Magician and of Judgement. The healing that comes when through the innocence of the child we remember our stellar ancestry. A process that requires that we integrate the White Electric Dog, kin 250, and through unconditional love, loyalty, activate the power of the heart.

120 = 1 and 20. The Physical Rescue and The Star Child. The Path of the Magician and of Judgment. We can become co-creators when we bring peace in the conscious mind and self-acceptance in the depths of the self. B12, the Peace in the New Aeon Bottle, the Path of the Hanged Man and 0 the Spiritual Rescue, the Path of the Fool. The ordinary man in search for spirituality that on the path of initiation becomes disoriented because of the light that he receives. The integration of that experience can help us to come to a greater sense of peace.

250 = 25 and 0. The Florence Nightingale Bottle and the Spiritual Rescue. How on the journey towards spirituality we can become a pioneering spirit in the service of others and experience an awakening of the self to the presence of God. Or 2 and 50, the High Priestess that gets intensified in El Morya, the Ace of Cups, that well represents the qualites of faith and trust in the Higher Will. Being able to get out of the way to allow the communication of the Divine Plan to come through.

Kin 250
White Electric Dog
Kin 120
Yellow Electric Sun
Bottle 10 Bottle 3 Bottle 0 Bottle 3
B10 Go and Hug a Tree B3 The Heart Bottle B0 The Spiritual Rescue B3 The Heart Bottle
Bottle 25 Bottle 0 Bottle 1 Bottle 20
B25 Florence Nightingale B0 The Spiritual Rescue B1 The Physical Rescue B20 The Star Child
Bottle 2 Bottle 50 Bottle 12 Bottle 0
B2 The Peace Bottle B50 El Morya B12
Peace in The New Aeon
B0 The Spiritual Rescue


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