Current Energies of the 4th Moon Cycle

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We are now in the 4th Moon of the 13-Moon Year
corresponding to Tone 4 of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.


The 4th Moon is called "Self-Existing"
(always correlated to Oct 18- Nov 14).
Its totem animal is the owl.
The key words to focus on for the "Self-Existing Moon" include
Power: "Define"
Action: "Measure"
Essence: "Form"

Action Directive: "What is the form of action"

The energies that have been activated for service are given a form.

The moon starts with kin 33 Red Resonant Skywalker (Attunement with the energy that connects Heaven and Earth and channels prophecy) and finishes with kin 60 Yellow Galactic Sun (The integrity of Life. Harmonizing Universal Fire). Being a red year, the first day of the moon is always red and the last yellow, occult colours. The tones are in sequence: for example 3 in the first day and 4 in the last; the glyphs always at a distance of 7.
In relation to the Planetary Wavespell of Service of the year, that of the Red Magnetic Moon, that unifies in order to purify, this 4th moon relates to kin 212, Yellow Self-Existing Human.

kin 209
kin 210
kin 221
kin 220
kin 211      
kin 219
kin 212      
kin 218
kin 217
kin 213
kin 214
kin 215
kin 216

As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B12 (the Human being the 12 seal) The Peace in the New Aeon Bottle, the Path of Initiation, and B4 (the Self-Existing Tone) The Sunlight Bottle, the Emperor. When we find the clarity in our conscious mind to bring peace and trust to the deepest parts of ourselves, we can align with the Blueprint and start understanding about free will. The Human Being that goes through an initiatory process to come to the possibility of "Peace in the New Aeon".How can I give form to actions? Through the wisdom and the influence of the Emperor. The antipode, Kin 82, White Self-Existing Wind, is the possibility to integrate the power of Breath, of the communication of Spirit. From the Aura-Soma perspective it's the energy of B82 Calypso, the dance and spirit of celebration. It's really the challenge to give form to the spirit creating in the heart the space for the revelation of deep insights and joy. It's also the Return Journey of the Emperor that now rules from his heart.

212=21 A new beginning for Love. 2 The Peace Bottle, the Path of the High Priestess, outward journey. Peace in the conscious and unconscious mind that occurs when love comes to the heart. 2 and 12, B2 The Peace Bottle, the High Priestess. B12 The Peace in the New Aeon Bottle, the Path of Initiation. Shining the light on nurturing, faith and peace to become a vehicle for a communication that passes through us.

82=8 Anubis, the Path of Justice and 2 the Peace Bottle. The peace that can take place when we do what we like and our heart becomes light. B82 Calypso. The Return Journey of the Emperor.

Planets: Earth Solar Prophetic. Uranus Galactic Karmic. Biotelepathic Circuit activated.

Kin 82
White Self-Existing Wind

Kin 212
Yellow Self-Existing Human



Peace in the New Aeon
B4 The Sunlight Bottle
B8 Anubis
B2 The Peace Bottle
A new beginning for Love
B2 The Peace Bottle
B2 The Peace Bottle
Peace in the New Aeon



Considering the 16 years of the Cube of the Warrior, we are in the 10th.


The Wavespell related to is the 10th, that of the White Magnetic Mirror kin 118, attracting the purpose of Endlessness

kin 118

kin 119
kin 130
kin 129
kin 120
kin 128
kin 121
kin 127
kin 126


kin 123


kin 124
kin 125

In this case this 4th moon would be associated to kin 121, Red Self-Existing Dragon, giving form to nurturing, birth. As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B1 the Physical Rescue (the Dragon as the first seal), and B4 (the Self-Existing tone), the Path of the Magician and of the Emperor. We can define our knowledge and wisdom in the process of being co-creators. Or of B1, the Physical Rescue, and B21 New Beginning for Love, the Path of the Magician and of the Universe. The healing that comes when through self-acceptance we get a new sense of freedom. A process that requires that we integrate the Blue Self-Existing Monkey, kin 251, and through playfulness give shape to the power of magic. The energy of B11 (the monkey as 11 seal) The Essene 1 Bottle and of B4 (the Self-Existing tone), the Path of Strenght and of the Emperor. The strenght of an Emperor that rules with care and warmth.

121 = 1 and 21. The Physical Rescue and New Beginning for Love. The Path of the Magician and of the Universe. We can become co-creators when we bring space in the conscious mind for the self-acceptance in the depths of the self. B12, the Peace in the New Aeon Bottle, the Path of the Hanged Man and 1 The Physical Rescue. The Path of the Magician. The need to rescue the physicality after the disorientation of the initiatory experience.

251 = 25 and 0. The Florence Nightingale Bottle and the Physical Rescue. How on the journey towards co-creation we can become a pioneering spirit in the service of others and experience an awakening of the self to the presence of God. Or 2 and 51, the High Priestess and Kuthumi, the illumination of our individual will. That intense form of joy that is part of the playfulness of the monkey that can play because has already the knowledge. B11 (the monkey as 11 seal) The Essene 1 Bottle and of B4 (the Self-Existing tone), the Path of Strenght and of the Emperor.

Kin 251
Blue Self-Existing Monkey

Kin 121
Red Self-Existing Dragon



The Essene 1

B4 The Sunlight Bottle
B1 The Physical Rescue
B4 The Sunlight Bottle
B25 Florence Nightingale
B1 The Physical Rescue
B1 The Physical Rescue
B21 New Beginning for Love
B2 The Peace Bottle

B51 Kuthumi

Peace in The New Aeon
B1 The Physical Rescue

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