Current Energies of the 8th Moon Cycle

Heading underline

We are now in the 8th Moon of the 13-Moon Year
corresponding to Tone 8 of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

The 8th Moon is called "Galactic"
(always correlated to Feb 7 to March 6).
Its totem animal is the Hawk.
The key words to focus on for the "Galactic Moon" include
Power: "Harmonize"
Action: "Model"
Essence: "Integrity"
Action Directive: "Do I live what I believe?"

The energies that have been attuned and channelled now get harmonized.

The moon starts with kin 250 White Electric Dog (Activating the power of unconditional Love) and finishes with kin 17 Red Self-Existing Earth (Giving form to synchronicity, navigation). Being a white year, the first day of the moon is always white and the last red, analog colours. The tones are in sequence: for example 3 in the first day and 4 in the last; the glyphs always at a distance of 7.

In relation to the Planetary Wavespell of Service of the year, that of the Red Magnetic Skywalker, that unifies in order to exlore the space and connect Heaven and Earth, this 8th moon relates to kin 60, Yellow Galactic Sun.

Bottle 53 kin 53 Bottle 65
Bottle 54 kin 54 kin 65 kin 64 Bottle 64
Bottle 55 kin 55 kin 63 Bottle 63
Bottle 56 kin 56 kin 62 Bottle 62
kin 61 Bottle 61
kin 57 kin 58 kin 59 kin 60
Bottle 57 Bottle 58 Bottle 59 Bottle 60

As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B60 Lao Tzu & Kwan Yin, finding the clarity within to be able to communicate from the light. A light that relates to a galactic sun, the power of universal fire and the energy of birth of Pacal Votan. A mystic Taoist and master alchemist, the Goddess of compassion and mercy and a Mayan King that help us to bring peace in the conscious mind to alleviate our suffering, and the light of the sun within to see things as they are and to communicate them with clarity.

The antipode, kin 190, White Galactic Dog, is the possibility to bring integrity and love through the power of the heart. From the Aura-Soma perspective it's the energy of B10 the Go and Hug a Tree Bottle, the Outward Path of the Wheel of Fortune and B8 Anubis, the Outward Path of Justice. It's really the challenge to heal and overcome what stops the inner harmony and balance, what takes us away from the laws of nature and the cycles of time, what prevents us from moving along the path chosen by our heart and express ourselves with joy.

B60 Lao Tzu & Kwan Yin

190=1 and 90 or 19 and 0. The Magician that brings the Hanged Man in the right position in the world again. The initiation process is over, wisdom has been rescued, light can be shared in the world. We can live in the material world, shining the light of the Sun, without interfering with our spiritual journey. The 0-19 light codes of the Tzolkin have been harmonized with love.

Planets: Pluto Galactic Karmic, Mercury Solar Prophetic. Circuit of recharging Alpha-Omega activated.

Kin 190
White Galactic Dog
Kin 60
Yellow Galactic Sun
Bottle 10 Bottle 8 Bottle 60
Go Hug a Tree
Lao Tzu & Kwan Yin
Bottle 1 Bottle 90 Bottle 19 Bottle 0
The Physical Rescue
The Wisdom Rescue
Living in the Material World
Spiritual Rescue

Considering the 16 years of the Cube of the Warrior, we are in the 11th.

The Wavespell related to is the 11th, that of the Blue Magnetic Monkey kin 131, attracting the purpose of Magic.

Bottle 11 Bottle 1 kin 131 Bottle 13 Bottle 3
Bottle 12 Bottle 2 kin 132 kin 143 kin 142 Bottle 12 Bottle 2
Bottle 13 Bottle 3 kin 133 kin 141 Bottle 11 Bottle 1
Bottle 14 Bottle 4 kin 134 kin 140 Bottle 10 Bottle 0
Bottle 15 Bottle 5 kin 135 kin 139 Bottle 9 Bottle 19
kin 136 kin 137 kin 138
Bottle 6 Bottle 7 Bottle 8
Bottle 16 Bottle 17 Bottle 18

In this case this 8th moon would be associated to kin 138, White Galactic Mirror. As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B18 (the Mirror being the 18 glyph) and B8 (the Galactic tone) Anubis, the Path of the Moon and of Justice, outward journey. It's when we bring the integrity of clarity and meditation that we heal our mind and spirit and let go of the abuses of the past, an Egyptian past especially when priesthood ruled and held the keys of knowledge and spirituality. We are at the point of a turning of a tide, from the Piscean to the Aquarian Aeon, and we can become more indipendent, hold the keys to our being, getting in touch with the purpose of our existence and reflect a truth that is eternal. Or of B13, the Change in the New Aeon Bottle, the Path of Death and B8 Anubis The Path of Justice. When we embrace the 13 frequency and die to what has been, our heart becomes light and Anubis can move us through the threshold. B1 and B 38. The healing that can transmute a heart that has been persecuted. When the difficulties of the past have been released the heart may be free to express the truth. A process that requires that we integrate the Yellow Galactic Star, kin 8, the power of Art and Beauty that comes when we touch the joy of peace, of being in the frequency of Time as Art, and of doing what we like.

138 =13 and 8, or 1 and 38

Kin 8
Yellow Galactic Star
Kin 138
White Galactic Mirror
Bottle 8 Bottle 18 Bottle 8
B8 Anubis B18 Egyptian 1 Bottle/Turning of the Tide B8 Anubis
Bottle 13 Bottle 8
The Change in the New Aeon Bottle
B8 Anubis
Bottle 1 Bottle 38
B1 The Physical Rescue B38 The Troubadour 2


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