Bottle 106 Mayan Reading

Heading underline


I polarize in order to equalize
Stabilizing opportunity
I seal the store of death
With the lunar tone of challenge
I am guided by the power of magic
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

Guiding Energy: White Lunar Mirror Kin 158
Supporting Energy: Red Lunar Skywalker Kin 93
Hidden Power: Blue Crystal Eagle Kin 155
Challenge: Yellow Lunar Warrior Kin 236

Archangel Ratzael B106 codes the energy of Kin 106 the White Lunar Worldbridger and its birth was quite synchronic as it represents the energy that guides the year, the White Lunar Wizard Kin 54. With the help of the alchemic power of Death that transforms and releases the bitterness of the past we can as Wizards enter the power of Timelessness and access the energy of the Blue Crystal Hand, Kin 207, the power of healing and accomplishment that will close the cycle on 21st December 2012, the last day of the cycle of 13 Baktuns and represents also the energy of the Crystal Moon of 2013 before the Galactic Synchronization. In the Mayan Factor of Josè Arguelles the position Katun 207 is referred to with the words “CE Acatl”= 1 Reed =Red Magnetic Skywalker. This shows the prophetic presence of Quetzalcoatl not only in the wavespell of the year but also in the hidden power of the oracle, while exactly this year we have a reactivation of Supernova Quetzalcoatl 1987A that will affect our consciousness deeply.


We can become more open and receive the healing that comes from Ratzael and Serapis Bey and goes deep in the unconscious.

We need the courage of the Warrior, the wakefulness of the Skywalker, the vision of the Eagle and the clarity of the Mirror to enter the portal of the White Lunar Worldbridger and go through the veil that separates life from death into the mistery of the final truth. It is one of the 13 clear signs of the Tomb of the Mayan King Pacal Votan, the only one on the northern edge and it is said to be the key to the Mistery of the relationship between Mars and Earth. It's in the wavespell of the Magnetic Serpent, the power of life, the memory of Maldek, and starts a sequence of 10 activation portal days. It's in the 27 harmonic connected to Hexagram 59 Dissolving. Josè Arguelles points out how the image of the Dissolving Codon 59 indicates the profoundly religious moment augured by this unequaled winter solstice and there couldn't be a better oracle for the closing of the cycle. “At the dissolution he hurries to that which supports him” That which supports is the spiritual sustenance that submission to the will of God alone can give. The cycle closes, only to bring the great preparation for the initiation of the next cycle, seven moons hence.

It's interesting to notice how the energy of the White Lunar Worldbriger was also in the Psi Crono, the mind envelope of the Earth, when Azreal, the Archangel of Death was born.

This is what I wrote at that time. The Worldbridger connects the worlds of Life and Death and the lunar tone is the tone of challenge. What is the mistery hidden at the bottom of death? What is the challenge behind it?

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Kin 106 is also related to B10, Go and Hug a Tree, in the Tarots the Wheel of Fortune and B88 the Jade Emperor, that also relates to Pacal Votan and the opening of the tomb that takes us away from the wheel of karma , and B6, the Energy Bottle, and B84 Candle in the Wind, in the Tarots the Path of the Lovers. It can also be read as a 16 and relating to B16 and B94 Archangel Michael and the Path of the Tower.

Do we have the possibility to step out of the Wheel of Samsara that brings us back from Death to Life and into Death again, in never-ending cycles of suffering, old age and death? Do we need to continue to experience a love that rests on separation and duality, two lovers enchained in the manacles of a false vibration, a false time? Or can we instead awaken to the power of Love and bring light to the first cell of the body? Can we reach the first pure cell of Love and win the power of Death, the last negation? Maybe in a small clear cell that has undergone all the suffering of the primary matter is hidden the key of the two worlds that become one. A change in the consciousness of the body, a new consciousness that wants the end of all separation, the end of the great division of Life and Death, two doors that become one in the body, the Supreme Door. A change of consciousness is a change of Time, a Cellular Time that automatically changes the foundation of Matter itself. A total metanoia of the Being. As Mère said “a new world in a small cell. What is our support, our body, is also our last mystery. What is our failure, death, is also the key of a supreme victory“.

With the coral of Azreal there was the possibility to heal the time-line. With the pale violet and pale olive of Ratzeal we can transmute the bitterness that the false frequency of mechanized time has brought us ( 2 (lunar)x 6 (worldbridger)= 12), into the sweetness of Spirit. Kin 105-and kin 106, Life and Death, are connected to Maldek and Mars- to the death of sexuality, of life force in Maldek and the explosion of the planet and to the death of life in Mars. The purpose of this year guided by this new bottle, is to absolve and purify the Karma and remove from the 1st cell that cosmic memory.

If we are able to let go the fear of death and contact the love contained in that first cell, death can become the passage to a divine life and the 3rd experiment of free will that took place in our part of the galaxy, Velatropa 24.3, be a success.

It's also quite synchronic that Archangel Ratzael was born in the 4th year of the Mistery of the Stone and its alchemic power reflects the catalytic power of the radial plasma Kali and the fourth ray of harmonic transformation. It arrived on October 22, the 5th day of the Self-Existing Moon, on kin 142, White Crystal Wind, and was the herald of a way of cooperating and sharing through the communication of the Spirit . It came through a human act of free will, as part of the synchronic order of evolution, with the guide of the enchanting Wizard and the hidden power of the Tempest, the catalytic agent that auto-regenerates energy.

Kin 142 White Crystal Wind


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