13 Moons of Peace

Heading underline

Cosmic awareness

White Lunar Wizard Kin 54
7/26/2006 - 7/25/2007

Catalyzing the Evolutionary Cycle of the Planetary Human
in Cosmic Harmony. Initiation
4th of the 7 Years Mystery of the Stone
Awakening of the 4th Bolon Tiku: Black Iron Garuda Crest
Plasma: Kali, Secret Center: Oracle of the Initiation.
Time-Realm, White Lunar Wizard, 2007/2008,
Catalytic Domain of the Blue Monkey- Inner Earth Time.
Ignites light heat of inner sun at Secret Center.

11th of the 16 Years of the Cube of the Warrior 1987/2012
Picking up the Thread of Bolon Ik’s Fourth Weaving, the
Vision of Black Iron Garuda Crest, do I declare: By my
Monkey power of Magic and the Mystic letter “A” may
I endow Excalibur with the power of the illusionary play of
the 9 Lords of Time! May the Lunar Wizards of the new Time
catalyze the presence of Camelot on Earth

I polarize in order to enchant

Stabilizing receptivity

I seal the output of timelessness

With the lunar tone of challenge

I am guided by the power of death

Bottle 54

B54 Master Serapis Bey, the Karmic Healer and Absolver

Understanding the Law of suffering

Oracle of the Year White Lunar Wizard Kin 54

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White Lunar Worldbridger
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Being the year 2007/2008 a Leap Year this is what Josè Arguelles, alias Valum Votan has written in relation to February 29th that for the Dreamspell is 0.0 Hunab Ku

0.0 Hunab Ku.

The 13 Moon/28-day calendar is a perfection of harmony that reflects and is synchronized by the synchronic order. This is a purely fourth-dimensional order of reality, and its perfection of chromatics and harmonics establish cycles of time that are in absolute harmony with the higher dimensional order of reality. For this reason, within its own system, the 13 Moon/28-day calendar does not recognize the 29th day of February, for it would disturb and place out of synchronization this calendar with the higher dimensional cycles.

However it does account for this day as 0.0.Hunab Ku. This day occurs every four years precisely between the 22nd and 23rd days of the Galactic Moon, and can be viewed as an extra day out of time which is no day of the week, moon or the galactic spin (Dreamspell count), hence 0.0.Hunab Ku. This is an especially spiritual day since Hunab Ku refers both to the center of the Galaxy and to the Supreme Creator, One Giver of Movement and Measure.

In the Telektonon, the 22nd day is the 16th day of the Cube Journey, while the 23rd day is the Navigation Tower. This means every four years the journey from the Cube of the Law to the Navigation Tower takes an extra day to participate in the all transcendent order of the Hunab Ku, the center of the matrix of galactic creation. The magic of this day 0.0.Hunab Ku, is further enhanced by the fact that in the Dreamspell count it always occurs between a Monkey day (power of Magic), and a Human day (power of Free Will). This year 0.0.Hunab Ku will occur between 11 Monkey and 12 Human. Those who understand the Dreamspell will know how to spectralize time on this special day, and returning from the matrix of galactic creation, invoke the Crystal Human in the Navigation Tower on the 23rd day of the Galactic Moon.

Since the 0.0.Hunab Ku is at the center of the matrix of galactic creation, a pure interdimensional channel opens up on that day. Being at the center of the matrix, its oracle is taken from the matrix time cell. Thus, the Oracle of 0.0 Hunab Ku (green as the kin at the center) has the yellow Sun for its analog first watch, the red Earth for its guide in the second watch, the white Mirror for its antipode in the third watch and the blue Storm for its occult power in the fourth watch. The "tones" of the seals are all 0.0, sign of the interdimensional time-transcending channel. The seal of the Hunab Ku is the well-known Hunab Ku symbol.

Anyone born before noon local time on 0.0. Hunab Ku this year will be a spectral monkey, and afternoon will be a crystal human.

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