Current Energies of the 2nd Moon Cycle

Heading underline

We are now in the 2nd Moon of the 13-Moon Year
corresponding to Tone 2 of the Annual Wavespell Spiral.

The 2nd Moon is called "Lunar"
(always correlated to Aug 23-Sept 19).
Its totem animal is the scorpion.
The key words to focus on for the "Lunar Moon" include
Power: "Polarize"
Action: "Stabilize"
Essence: "Challenge"
Action Directive: "What is my challenge"

Polarity stabilizes the energies so that creativity and activation may follow.

The moon starts with kin 187 Blue Overtone Hand (The possibility to irradiate the power of healing) and finishes with kin 214 White Rhythmic Wizard (Bringing harmony through being receptive and present. Power of atemporality and enchantment). Being a blue year, the first day of the moon is always blue and the last white, occult colours. The tones are in sequence: for example 5 in the first day and 6 in the last; the glyphs always at a distance of 7.

In relation to the Planetary Wavespell of Service of the year, that of the Red Magnetic Earth, that unifies in order to evolve, navigate and be in synchronicity, this 2nd moon relates to kin 169, White Lunar Mirror.

Bottle 17 Bottle 1 kin 157 Bottle 9 Bottle 13
Bottle 18 Bottle 2 kin 158 kin 169 kin 168 Bottle 8 Bottle 12
Bottle 19 Bottle 3 kin 159 kin 167 Bottle 7 Bottle 11
Bottle 0 Bottle 4 kin 160 kin 166 Bottle 6 Bottle 10
kin 165 Bottle 5 Bottle 9
kin 161 kin 162 kin 163 kin 164
Bottle 1 Bottle 2 Bottle 3 Bottle 4
Bottle 5 Bottle 6 Bottle 7 Bottle 8

As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B18 The Egyptian Bottle 1 (The Mirror is the 18 glyph) and B2 The Peace Bottle, the Outward Path of the Moon and of the High Priestess. The High Priestess that is again on the Path of the Moon, has retrieved her power and brought peace to the spiritual abuse of the Egyptian past. Now she can reflect the eternal truth of the 13 moons and communicate it.

The antipode, kin 28, Yellow Lunar Star, is the possibility to integrate the power of Art, Beauty and Elegance through the frequency of the 13 moons. From the Aura-Soma perspective it's the energy of B28 Maid Marion. It's really the challenge to heal and overcome what stops the expression of the female power and connect the roots and the heart.

B18 The Egyptian Bottle 1 /The Turning of the Tide.

The more we let go of belief systems related to spirituality the more we are able to reflect the truth that is eternal. Then the tide will turn, bringing joy and transformation and a new era of equanimity, equaliy and humanitarian independence.

158=1 and 58 or 15 and 8. The healing that comes when we let go of all negativities from our subtle bodies and from the body of the Earth. When we bring light to the shadows and let go of suffering then joy and peace arrive.Our heart becomes lighter and we can move through the treshold with Anubis.

Planets: Neptune Solar Prophetic, Venus Galactic Karmic. Allied Instinct and Memory Circuit activated.

Kin 28
Yellow Lunar Star
Kin 158
White Lunar Mirror
Bottle 28 Bottle 18 Bottle 2
Maid Marion
The Egyptian Bottle
The Peace Bottle
Bottle 15 Bottle 8 Bottle 1 Bottle 58
Service in the New Aeon
The Physical Rescue
Orion & Angelica

Considering the 16 years of the Cube of the Warrior, we are in the 12th.

The Wavespell related to is the 12th, that of the Yellow Magnetic Seed kin 144, attracting the purpose of Flowering.

Bottle 4 Bottle 1 kin 144 Bottle 13 Bottle 16
Bottle 5 Bottle 2 kin 145 kin 156 kin 155 Bottle 12 Bottle 15
Bottle 6 Bottle 3 kin 146 kin 154 Bottle 11 Bottle 14
Bottle 7 Bottle 4 kin 147 kin 153 Bottle 10 Bottle 13
Bottle 8 Bottle 5 kin
kin 152 Bottle 9 Bottle 12
kin 149 kin 150 kin 151
Bottle 6 Bottle 7 Bottle 8
Bottle 9 Bottle 10 Bottle 11

In this case this 2nd moon would be associated to kin 145, Red Lunar Serpent, facing the challenge of the polarity in the material world and the physical body . As far as Aura-Soma is concerned it's the energy of B5 (the Serpent as the 5th glyph) the Sunset Bottle, and B2 (the Lunar tone) The Peace Bottle, the Outward Path of the Hierophant and of the High Priestess. The possibility to bring peace and joy to the physical body using its energy wisely and balancing its duality. The High Priestess that tests the Hierophant. A process that requires that we integrate the Blue Lunar Eagle, kin 15, the power of vision and creativity.The more we bring light to the shadow the more our vision gets clearer and the kundalini energy can rise.

145 =1 and 45 or 14 and 5. The Breath of Love that heals. The healing as a result of grace that activates our Ananda Khanda. The Hierophant that uses its knowledge and energy with awareness when he rests on the goden area of the incarnational star.

Kin 15
Blue Lunar Eagle
Kin 145
Red Lunar Serpent
Bottle 15 Bottle 5 Bottle 2
B15 The Service of the New Aeon Botte B5 The Sunset Botte B2 The Peace Bottle
Bottle 1 Bottle 45
B1 The Physical Rescue B45 Breath of Love
Bottle 14 Bottle 5
B14 The Wisdom of the New Aeon Bottle B4 The Sunset Bottle