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Oracle of the year 2008/2009 Blue Electric Tempest Kin 159

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The Blue Electric Tempest- kin 159-brings the possibility of activating a big transformation of the physical body on a cellular level. In the Aura-Soma System it’s the energy of B19-Living in the Material World and B3-The Heart/Atlantean Bottle. We can work on the genetic level but with Love. The Genetic Engineers of Atlantis come back and operate from the space of the Heart bringing the information and bonding energy to matter through a process of self-generation. This is the Cosmic Science we will be educated to, our Service as catalytic agents, the opportunity to spiritualize the process of living in the world.

After having washed out the amnesia of the theft of Time on the year of the Red Magnetic Moon-kin 209-2006/2007 and worked with the purification and the absolution of Karma on the year of the White Lunar Wizard-kin 54- 2007/2008,creating a tabula rasa,we can now activate and transform our DNA. New energy can be built up,our bodies can be renewed because our thinking has been changed.

But we need to integrate the challenge of the Electric Moon-kin 29-and start a process of purification, personal and collective,so that all the fluids in the body,in the earth,all universal waters,may be cleansed and start flowing and we can “get up and go”-B29. With the energy made available by the Tempest-the red on the top- we can step ahead.

The Electric Sun-Kin 120- B0/20-B3-may be of support, activating the universal fire,all the potential for life that is in the magenta- the 0 that contains the 20,all the aspects of the solar tribes- bringing clarity to our senses,bonding the male and female energies so that we may heal the inner child. It’s when like the Sun we manifest our inner light and fire,that we give life, love and warmth to and rescue our child within.

A year to become aware that if we are connected to the lunar and solar cycles,on the cosmic but also individual level,a transformation can happen in our body and in the body of Mother Earth and the communication of the Spirit can be liberated from deep inside. Samael- B102- is there, connected to the occult power of the White Spectral Wind-kin 102- to help us to trust the olive energy, the Holy Spirit,the female guidance and find a new beginning in relation to hope. He comes to help us to see clearly where our false values lie and upon what we want to build the foundations of our life that have been shaken by the Tempest.

“The deep olive and deep magenta of B102(born on the day of the fall of the twin towers on 9/11/2001) indicate the possibility of a great hope for life,led from the heart,rescuing caring from the depth of darkness,the generative,operative principles following the destructive event” (The Aura-Soma Sourcebook- Mike Booth Carol McKnight)

Even when we are in the middle of a tempest if we remain still and look with detachment at the way the energy is auto-regenerating itself through fire, lightnings, water, wind,and listen, maybe we can hear the voice of the Spirit and open ourselves to the inner abundance of the Blue Electric Night-kin3-B3-that guides us and not get lost. We can live in the material world,in the middle of all turmoils, experience the force of all elements and still hear the small voice within and be flooded by the intuitions of our heart and dreams.

The Blue Electric Tempest is the possibility for divine energy to activate our cells,balance our watery and fiery aspects and dissolve in order to communicate our spirit and the inner abundance of our dreams that guide us. 19.3 “ God is the sure truth of the omnidirectional perfection of radial order throughout all phases of the galactic brain in all of its parallel universe possibilities and permutations”. (The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and the Evolution of Time and Consciousness-Josè Arguelles).

The Electric Tempest is the 3rd day of the Wavespell of the Earth-kin 157-Power of Navigation and through its energy and catalytic power will activate the purpose of the year: Evolution and Synchronicity. We can evolve and be in synchonicity with our heart and the earth when we release from our DNA all memories of the cosmic events that have blocked the flux of the time tunnel connecting Heaven and Earth,disrupting the Path to the Stars (B17). The 13 Moons of the Year are connected in a harmonic progression of 13 phases to this Wavespell that is called the Wavespell of Planetary Service that unifies the collective Mind,Spirit and Will,that we may sing a healing song for Mother Earth. Like the Troubadours we can offer our song in the service of others and some hope that our heart and the Earth be transformed.

At the same time this year is also related to the Human- Power of Free Will- as we are in Cube 12 of the 16 Years of the Cube of the Law (1997/2013), and to the 12th wavespell of the Tzolkin, that of the Yellow Magnetic Seed, kin 144.

So as human beings we will be facing choices in relation to the evolution of the Earth at this point of time and our purpose will be to attract awareness and the power of flowering. May the target be to join the 144.000 elected ones in the service of the transformation of the human consciousness. The Rinri affirmation connected to it is “Give up and you will receive”. Let this be the seed of awareness that we are going to plant.

With Love and Gratitude


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