13 Moons of Peace

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Oracle of the year 2009/2010 Yellow Selfexisting Seed kin 4

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B0 B4
Kin 160
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B14 B4 B4 B95
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Kin 257
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B17 B10

The Yellow Self-Existing Seed is the possibility to give shape to the power of flowering, with a vision (eagle support energy) of what seeds of awareness to plant in order to enchant (challenge the White Magnetic Wizard, kin 14, the power of atemporality, receptivity and enchantement).The more we rest on our incarnational star and bring light on the wisdom that is already there the more we can become wizards and enchant. In that receptivity that goes beyond time and space we can plant our dhamma seeds. The sun (the guide) gives light to the seed and the earth (the hidden power) receives it for its evolution and manifestation. In Aura-Soma it’s the energy of the sunlight bottle, the knowledge and wisdom we get when we connect with the incarnational star and the soul star in the love and grace that comes from above while a deep healing happens in the heart.

4.4 The Galactic brain incorporated in the evolving body of planet Earth inevitably transforms the dialectic of solar pulsation and alternation of night and day phases into a complex of preconscious inorganic forms in which the element water is chemically generated from the interaction of crystal, light, and heat (luminic-electrical and thermic-kinetic energy conditions). (The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and the Evolution of Time and consciousness -Josè Arguelles).

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