Mission Statement

I think we are all in the position where we can remember our first contact with the Aura- Soma® system even if somewhat dimly. In other words, as time goes on it is possible, one’s enthusiasm dims from what was felt in the beginning: it is the passage of time. What was it that called you? Is it the same thing that brought you here today? I would say yes it probably is.

You are the heart of the Aura-Soma system and however we struggle with things not being perfect or not doing the right thing, in the end, what spirit gave to a blind woman in 1983 brings us back again and again.

We are at the end of an incredibly difficult karmic cycle on many different levels. I believe, very strongly, that next year will be different to those we have experienced over the last seven to ten years and that, in Aura-Soma Products Limited, we are being prepared for this.

As far as I am concerned, we have been clearing karma from thousands and thousands of life times. At this point in time karmic cycles are accelerating to where we may be dealing with several life times in a very short period of time of perhaps even a month. It is not to say that this will finish in 2008 and be the end of the story. In 2011, I think in 300 days there could be 40,000 years of karma brought before us. However, between 2008 and 2011 there will be a little breathing space where the new consciousness has more of a chance of being activated. In a sense this is a new wave of acceleration in relation to what we have been given in terms of current understanding.

Aura – light, Soma – body. Through a blind woman we have been gifted with a tool from spirit to help us to build the light body. What is the light body? Why would spirit be interested in us building our light bodies when we are in physicality? It is for the time that is to come and it is necessary for humanity to orientate itself to the angelic nature of its being. In our day to day work we are dealing with the nitty-gritty of sales, of running a business but the essence is that humanity has been given a tool which is about building the light body to help the angelic interface between our physicality and the light body. It is an incredible gift from spirit that we have been given to bring into the world. Each of us is self-selected, each of us being called and responding to that call in our own way. Despite what is in our own lives we would not be in this room at this point in time unless each of us had responded to the call, which is much greater than our individual nature and is towards helping those interested in the development of the light body in to the world.

It sounds a very mystical and lofty task but we are each in the midst of genetic circumstance and particular conditioning. This is the best that spirit could access to bring this tool of the Aura-Soma colour system into the world. However inadequate we may be, however many mistakes we make, it is still the best that spirit could call upon to have this job done and we have agreed to it, otherwise we would not be here. We may have agreed to this a very long time ago for this particular time and returned out of gratitude to honour a promise to help in the process of bringing Heaven to Earth.

In a sense, these little coloured bottles that we are working with are keys, keys to something much more than simply what is in them. I relate to what Vicky had to say to Doctors in Israel when they asked “What is in it?” We can get caught in what’s in it; caught in the particular ingredients, the particular formulations but this is not what it is about. It is about something which is given from spirit. Vicky was also asked where it comes from; she had put “old wine in new bottles”. It is something that has been given in this time to help humanity, for those who wish to help themselves.

What is our job in this? You also know this story and it was in one of our recent greeting cards. Vicky said “What I seek is the best sales people in the world” and everybody looked shocked. What on earth is she talking about now? Why is this spiritual, blind, white-haired woman saying that? Vicky said, if God’s shop window is going to be exposed, then it needs to be given the chance to be with those who are going to work towards sharing colour and light with those who need it. Spirit has created an opportunity, where there has at least been an exposure throughout the world, to what is on offer that might be of help to those who wish to awaken or work on themselves. At this point in time not everybody on the planet is destined to awaken, to work on themselves. We do not proselytise or spread this message as it is a self selective non-intrusive approach. In other words, when people are attracted to it, it is our job to help to “sell people back to themselves through the instrument of these dual colour combinations”.

Within the next twelve months we will begin to build a Five million pound plus factory on the land at Shire Farm – near Tetford. It will be a carbon neutral plus building which means that the impact on the planet in relation to what we do will be very unique in the UK.

We have come a long way from the garage next to Vicky’s house where we made the bottles and the dog used to run amongst them. When Claudia and I moved to Tetford we were both vegetarians, (I have since lapsed for various reasons), we were on our spiritual journey having practised Zen for more than 10 years, when we were placed opposite an abattoir listening to the beasts being taken to be killed early each morning. I thought there must be a message in this. We then moved to Pine Lodge, Claudia’s and my house where we built a little factory.

We took the light to the dark. After Vicky made her transition we continued to build and develop the manufacturing side of the Company. We outgrew the then current premises and the abattoir became available. The owner went into liquidation and we were asked if we would like to purchase the premises and in so doing we were taking the light to the dark: years and years of killing in this place. Over the years, we worked on the building and changed the energy that was there and to spread the Aura-Soma colour system, the light in the world.

This time we are going to take the light to the light. We have been given some sacred land which we will visit. Claudia and I looked, not only in the UK but also in Europe, for the right farm for the next step of the development of the herb and crop cycle growing on bio-dynamic, angelic and devic levels. We looked everywhere, eventually a place was found upon zero degrees, the same latitude as Dev Aura, and it was just over the hill as though in our own back yard. It is three to four miles if you flew from Dev Aura to the land.

There is the story of Nasrudin which relates to this. Nasrudin was looking everywhere and travelled all over Turkey and Afghanistan to find his teacher. He finally found him next door. He undid the chimney and there were the teachings. I see the similarity in our situation. When we are in the process, before we get there, we ask the question “how do we get there”. It is similar to what Kermit said to Miss Piggy “You can’t get there until you are there and when you are there then that’s where you are” and Miss Piggy was so amazed, she said to him “What is it like when you get there?” He said “just relax and see what is there, when you get there you know that’s where you are.”

Zero degrees is not something you can plan. We did not know this when we bought Dev Aura which was given on a plate at a cost of £65,000 and that was more than all we did not have at the time. When we bought the farm it too was all we did not have. Zero degrees. Exactly the same as Dev Aura and we ask ourselves is there any significance to this;

We come to this place and we have been given a future sacred site on the planet, which has already been identified by people who have been working with landscape for a long time. This is not of the past but of the time that is to come. There is a Naga city on the land. All the information is waiting there to be disclosed.

Whilst we are on the land, as part of the vision for the future, we will work on the sixth chakra. We have erected a three tonne stone on the ground. It is a very beautiful stone. I did some sacred ritual before it went in to the ground and when Shaun and I visited the stone again shortly after it was place, we felt it was all coming together quite well. This is the beginning, the planting of that which is already identified.

You may have heard of Peter Dawkins. He formed the Gate keeper Trust and runs an organisation called Zoence. He is also the founder of the Francis Bacon Research Trust and as far as I am concerned he is as close to St. Germain in incarnation as you can get. He recognised the Tree of Life in the sacred landscape that we have been given and part of the culmination of the Aura-Soma system training is with the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life in the landscape at Shire Farm is the first step of the initiation of this sixth chakra in the landscape. The vision is that the distributors around the world will have access to the bigger picture, the sixth chakra with the higher mind functions, the clairvoyance, the clairaudience, the clarity in relation to the sense doors. In other words, the distributors around the world get access to this place on the land to have the vision of where the Aura-Soma colour system is going, the vision of the light body expanding in the world, of the awakening and support for those who are working towards the awakening of the light body in the world. This is what we will do together.

Very soon we will have an image of where the plan and isometric drawings of the plan fit in the landscape. We will then hold this vision because, to bring this design into manifestation, it is going to need a lot of positive intent. The planning and other authorities in control of these things could be a resistance to the light work coming into being in the world. This is why I wished you all to be aware and in tune with this concept, so that you understand what you are working with and to bring positive intent to the next step of the building of this factory. It is not a small thing, it is a cosmic receptor. It is something that will bring in cosmic energy like a vacuum cleaner. It will bring the cosmic energies in from a different level of being on to the earth plane to be disseminated throughout the globe.

People write to me every now and then. They write to me and ask what is behind the Aura- Soma colour system, where does it come from and who is orchestrating its revelation, who are the beings and where is the source that I am contributing to. The response is that it comes, as Vicky said, from the Father/Mother God, the architect of all that is. Vicky made this statement very clearly. She said it comes from stillness beyond light. In other words, somewhere in the whole of the realm of existence, there is something which has brought it into being to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

The relevance of bio-dynamics, the relevance of this farm, of the Tree of Life within the landscape, the chakra system, the Naga City and all the other points is, in a sense, all part of the energetic structure that goes into the bottles. The soil structure is implicit in what we are working with in those bottles. As people awaken to their light body through the recognition of colour, through seeing themselves in the mirror of colour, they are recognising their place on the earth. Their place on the earth is also essential as humanity comes to a re-evaluation in relation to the earth and the way that we care for the earth. Bio-dynamics is just a name for caring for the earth in a different way. Rebuilding the soil structure instead of taking something away, instead of abuse we are giving back to it so that we can build fertility, build the micro-organisms, and what is in the soil to be able to produce a healthy plant. We therefore want something that is working with the angels that is facilitating the light information in the landscape, the devas that are part of the plant world and the bio-dynamic structures to produce that which can make a difference to humanity in relation to the building of the light body and the awakening process of and in which we are each a small part.

It is now time for this factory to be built. As far as I am concerned we have an awful lot to do between now and 2011. These fragments of time give a sense that everything is accelerating towards something and so we have an opportunity, a doorway through which we can contribute that could make a difference. It may only be a stone in an ocean that will make a ripple, or a drop which will make a difference and each of us has done and is doing our best, our part in the process of what we have been called or given to do.

The reason I would like everyone to get behind the vision and be part of it is because of what eventually will emerge. If we think of the beginnings of the Aura-Soma colour system and where we are now in 2007 it bears no relationship with what Vicky was given in 1983. Then it was raw ingredients with this, that, and the other in relation to what she had available at that point in time plus what spirit had put into it. Over the years that I spent with Vicky (the seven years, seven days a week from the moment she woke up in the morning to the time that she went bed) she was continuously being given information that modified what she was originally given. This process did not stop when she made the transition. It probably accelerated ten fold. Vicky had a massive infarct, a coronary but upstairs said to her that she had not done what she was supposed to do so she had to get back in her body and return although she did not want to. When Vicky did arrive upstairs she was far busier than during the last three years she was in physicality. During those last three years her body was worn out and in a situation where she’d had enough. She was ready to let go but it was not the right time. She had to wait for the perfect time to let go, but then was well received when she went home.

Where is Aura-Soma now? Equilibrium could be called a chalice of light with something in it that helps people to remember themselves. On Vicky’s leaflet which is what first attracted Claudia and myself, it said ‘For those who wish to remember themselves’, the awareness, the concentration and the possibility of remembrance, to re-member, to pull together the parts. These are the members of the body – the hands, the arms, the legs and the feet – to pull together the parts, to bring ourselves together in awareness, to bring ourselves together as a whole. The Aura-Soma colour system is the key towards this. The light body is a consequence of the remembrance with awareness of our whole physicality.

As we become a little bit more awake we become a little bit more aware. We begin to build something towards the future. Collectively, we are building towards a light network in the world, however inadequate it may be. You may feel that that your network is inadequate, but, however you feel the source, subject or other sorts of negativity, you are building your network where you are and it’s as it’s meant to be – your network of light. Each of us is awakening in the process and the more we put the compost on the ground, the more the plants will grow healthily. What is the analogy there? The more manure you get the more you will grow.

We are in the middle of something exciting. I think we have reached a hurdle and we have been called here at this point in time to face this hurdle together so that we can get a glimpse of what is on the other side. It is not that the hurdle is insurmountable or because it will not happen anyway but just the sense that if we all pull together how much easier it will be getting over the hurdle for the next step. The next step of expansion for all of us is going to be so much bigger.

It is amazing to reflect today on where we were, the turnover when Vicky died, and how many people were connected with the Aura-Soma colour system throughout the planet during those seven years to 1991. Now I look at it and would not have believed that it would be possible to be where we are today. I would not have envisaged all that we have done in that time. Some of us have seen those things as being part of it, some more intimately, and yet we are not done because the next step of growth is going to expand us all.

In one sense, the building of the factory is a symbol of the expansion, but it is also the sense of taking light to the light. I wished us to come together and for everyone to be able to sense what I am feeling in relation to the future, it is for humanity to have the opportunity to help those who want to help themselves, for those who wish to remember on the journey towards themselves who made promises in the past that need remembrance to fulfil.