Names of the Numbers 1 to 34 (and 40)

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There is a clear distinction between names and keywords. Keywords are just a means of reminding us of part of the symbolism carried by a number. Any number can have many keywords ascribed to it by many numerologists over time, just as one person would be described in different ways by several other people. A name is something more durable and specific. The old tradition gave names to very few numbers. In such cases the name had the clear function of indicating an aspect of the number which we might otherwise not see. Even that indication was usually veiled rather than plainly stated.

The few traditional names are clearly identified within this article.

The name of a number has a rôle comparable with the name of an Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle - it provides a second viewpoint from which to look at the essence which is more fully expressed in the main entity.

1  Independence

The 1 is the only number which is not dependent on any other number for its existence. That core independence will yield other qualities such as confidence and integrity as spin-offs. We can extrapolate that the influence of a dominant 1 in mundane areas such as dates or personal names could assist in independence. The keyword “unity” is often cited to emphasize the origin and the ultimate destiny expressed in the 1, because its beginning and end must be held within its continuum.

When the 1 and 2 are spoken of together, the 1 is seen as the great male archetype and the 2 as the great female archetype. But when the 1 is examined in isolation that labelling is not appropriate. The 1 is the source of everything, so it must contain at least the potential for the birth of the female.

2  Receptiveness

The keywords wisdom and femininity are rightly used for the 2, but the name receptiveness expresses a broader range of functions, and can include wisdom and femininity. Any curve is associated with the 2, as it must have at least 2 dimensions, and curves symbolise receptiveness. The 2 is a function of all even numbers, so it lends them all a heritage of receptiveness. The degree to which that is revealed in even numbers varies greatly, but it is always there somehow.

3  Creativity

The 3 embodies the 1 and 2 merging in the first act of bipartite creativity. It also represents the three elements of creativity: the creator, the raw resources, and the result. Likewise the three generations of the seed, the tree, and the fruit. The three obviously relates to classic trinities such as love-wisdom-power, create-sustain-destroy, yang-yin-tao, blue-yellow-red. Each of these is a window on the concept of creativity. It is perhaps most at home with knowledge-wisdom-understanding, as the development of understanding is a creative process out of experience.

4  Stability

Part of the doubling sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32... etc which relates progressively evolving attitudes to the concept of structure. The stability of 4 is an apparent stability, seen from the confined earth-plane viewpoint, wherein the sequence of Worlds (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical) appears to be stabilised or set in the birth if the physical-earth plane.

5  Communication (Microcosm)

The name is “communication”, but five is also referred to as “the number of the microcosm”. Some say that communication here refers to humans receiving information via the five senses, earlier others said it draws on the additive relationship between 2 (receptiveness) and 3 (creativity). The underlying concept can be seen deeper in the Da Vinci cartoon of the man (microcosm) stretching out (2 arms + 2 legs + 1 head = 5) to touch both a square representing matter and a circle representing spirit; the circle in this case being the one which rules the four.

6  Love * (Macrocosm)

Love is asterisked here because it is one of the few very old traditional names which have been used consistently through time. Everything grows out of the three great fundamental principles of 1, 2, 3. The 6 is not only 1+2+3 but also 1x2x3 so it is the complete embodiment and expression of all three fundamental energies. So the name is saying “everything is love”. Labelling it as the number of the macrocosm then says “the whole universe is built of love”. The six-pointed star shows the male and female orientated triangles superimposed on each other as a unified entity.

7  Triumph of Spirit over matter

Symbolised by the a triangle (for spirit in this case) over a square (of matter) - both parts of the symbol are important. Matter could not become spiritualised if it did not exist. In sacred geometry, the 7 is the first of a sequence of numbers which cannot be derived from any assembly of squares or cubes. [The sequence continues 15, 23, 28, 31, 39, 47, 55...] So the 7 does not fit within the construct of mundane matter. The two-part (triangle and square) nature of the 7 is echoed in the Hebrew alphabet, wherein there are seven double-letters. Each of these has a hard and a soft pronunciation, and the Sepher Yetzirah refers to their “linking the higher and lower”.

8  The Law

All the law of the spiritual universe, and the law of karma, but especially the law of as above so below which is symbolised in the two loops of the “8” Arabic symbol we use - derived originally from Sanskrit.

9  Mystery

As cited in an earlier article (see archive), when the three triangles of the nines symbol are moved to join, a fourth triangle appears in the centre and it is inverted. The female is at the heart of what claims to be male. The nine lamps which light the hermit's cave are the nine digits in the symbolic language of numerology. Nine is the smallest number out of which we can make a mathematical magic square. The Arabic (ex-Sanskrit) symbol “9” implies a spiral. As the final statement among the single digits, the nine points out that we need to know that there is a mystery - otherwise we could not know that we should seek it.

10  Meditation

The sacred space (0) within ourselves comes to meet the unity (1) of the universe. The fact that there are 10 Wheels of Light on the Tree of Life is related, but the numbers name is speaking of method.

11  Strength

This works in three ways. The 1 meets 1, and facing ourselves is the most difficult job, so it needs strength. Eleven is significantly 5 (microcosm) plus 6 (macrocosm), so it shows us the strength of their being in harmony.

There is a special relationship between 11 (two lines) and 8 (two circles). Eliphas Levi drew attention to this in the 1850s by switching paths 8 and 11 in his work on the taro. Mathematically we find that all the numbers up to 5 (totalling 15) plus all the numbers up to 6 (totalling 21) add to a grand total of 36 - which is the sum of all the numbers up to 8. So whilst 5+6 = 11 directly, from a deeper viewpoint 5+6 = 8 in the fact that no number can exist without all its predecessors.

12  Humanity

The male archetype 1 stands next to the female archetype 2 in companionship. Each is in their own position, so they are being themselves. The 12s humanity also refers to the 12 astrological types.

13  Change *

This is the second of the few traditional names. Notice that change is the child of humanity as 13 is the child of 12. The 13 is the first of the multi-digit numbers which will reduce to 4 (1+3=4), so we are shown that change must follow stability as a higher function. The traditional names are given only when we might otherwise miss something.

14  Balance in meeting - Assessment

As 2x7 we see two aspects of each of our seven chakras: male & female, or yin & yang, or conscious & subconscious, or in-breath & out-breath in the cycles of energies. There is also the implication of two ways of looking at the seven levels of the Tree of Life.

15  Discernment

As the secret key to the five (see archived article) we are told that the blossoming of communication (5) is discernment. The 15 is also 3x5, so there may be three aspects to this blossoming: communication with our inner self, communication with the divine, and communication with the subject of our discernment.

16  The Structure which is not the real structure

Now stability (4) is intensified in 4x4=16, but we are told by the name that what we thought was the (spiritual) structure is not the real structure - echoing the image on the Tower card in the taro. The impression so far of the structure has been necessarily mundane so that our early steps along the path could be reassuring. Now we are invited to venture further, without the fetters of conditioning.

17  The Star (of Hope) *

After 16 told us to seek a new viewpoint, now 17 say that we should look upwards for guidance. The Star is one of the traditional names. Some old schools add the of Hope but others do not. The Star can suggest our own higher self just as much as any sublime external inspiration. The fact that 17 is a prime number carries the implication of standing alone.

18  Tides of the Inner Moon

Double mystery as 2x9; mystery (9) related to receptiveness (2). The 18 tells us how we can process the inspiration we received from the 17. Water symbolises the emotional plane. The moon symbolises a still and serene but most powerful influence on all water.

19  Inner Sun (Prince of Heaven *)

The “Inner Sun” is among the weaker modern names of numbers, and it is not clear why the older Prince of Heaven name fell out of use. There was a simplistic view that the Prince of Heaven referred to the Sun alone. The more credible view was that as 19 could be made from 12 (zodiac signs) plus 7 (traditional planets) so there was also an unspecified Prince of Heaven (sub-ruler of our cosmos, but not King) uniting all then known astrological components. After the inspiration of 17 and the processing of 18 we can look at the unity in (prime) 19.

20  Awakening *

Traditional name. The 20 is a meditation (0) on receptiveness (2). The name implies that we now reach the objective of the sub-sequence which began in the 16.

21  The Crown of the Magi *

Traditional name. Notice the apparent mismatch: crown is singular but magi is plural. The crown of the magus, or the crowns of the magi, would be logical - but the mismatch is deliberate. Either it tells of one crown being used by all magi, perhaps in their initiation, or it indicates that the crown chakras of all magi are linked, or both. Why is this relevant to the 21? Because 21 is the secret key to the 6 (see archived article). It is the blossoming of the love which was born in the uniting of the three great principles (see 6 above here). And as 3x7 it is creativity (3) of spirituality (7) - appropriate work for united magi.

22  Serene Being

This means both a supreme being (noun) and the act of being serene (verb). The number relates to the Paths on the Tree of Life in its present form, and the letters of the Hebrew alphabet - which are in three categories, three mothers, seven doubles, and twelve simples. The name indicates that completeness and completion of the previous cycle brings serenity.

23  The Royal Star of the Lion *

Traditional name. The “of the Lion” part refers to the Age of Leo, over 10,000 years ago when Atlantis was still in business. Here we are told to look to a source of inspiration older than the star which was indicated by seventeen. We are moving into a new phase where this royal star has a higher status, so presumably a higher purpose.

24  Leaders of the Tribes

The Book of Revelation speaks of 24 elders in the context of the twelve tribes of Israel. As the tribes symbolise the twelve astrological types, their having two elders each implies a male archetype and a female archetype for each astrological sign. The 24 is also 1x2x3x4 which speaks of an intense relationship between the Four Worlds, which relates to the Sepher Yeztirah speaking of four “stones” building 24 houses.

25  The Inner-most

Arrange 25 squares as 5x5 and there is an outer circuit, an inner circuit, and a single innermost square. Now we are being told that what we previously experienced as looking within can be taken even deeper. Within our inner selves there is a previously undiscovered innermost place.

26  The Changer who is changed by the changes

Made of 2x13 which is receptiveness (2) in an intense relationship with change (13). The Hebrew name of God, spelt Yod-He-Vav-He evaluates as 26 in Hebrew numerology. The original creative awareness (in the zero birthing One) enabling the calling of all into existence because it wanted to experience itself. There would be no purpose in that experience unless the cause itself was not changed by the experience.

27  The Sceptre *

Traditional name. A sceptre is a general symbol of authority, but in particular is held by kings and emperors only when they are making laws. The implication seems to be that, at this stage of the journey, the seeker has some ability to vary or by-pass some laws of the universe. Miracles are possible.

28 The Badge of the Golden Angel

28  The Badge of the Golden Angel

The 28 is a perfect number, and the secret key to the seven (see archived articles). The badge is a golden triangle (female orientation) with 28 roundels grouped as three sixes, and a ten in the centre wherein four of the roundels are red jewels (one central) and the other six are linked. Check out 1, 3, 4, 6, and 10.

29  The Pillars

The numbers of the Wheels of Light on the Pillar of Justice of the Tree of Life add to 16 (3+5+8), and those on the Pillar of Mercy add to 13 (2+4+7), and 16+13 = 19. So this number shows us the pillars which balance each other in function, and form our gateway into the Temple of the spiritual universe.

30  Woven Faces

So called because it shows an intense relationship between the macrocosm (6) and the microcosm (5) as 5x6=30. This refers to the Face of Mercy (macrocosm) and the Face of Justice (microcosm) on the Tree of Life. So it is natural successor to the Pillars in 29. “Before there was equilibrium, countenance beheld not countenance.” The message of 30 is that at this stage the seeker has achieved equilibrium.

31  Understanding Freedom

As any other prime number, 31 stands alone. It is the twelfth prime number (including One as numerologists do, but mathematicians dont) so its clandestine twelve-ness has connotations of humanity. Most relevantly to its name, it is the digital reversal of 13 which is change. The freedom of which it speaks is absolute - and there is no safety net. It even includes freedom from any previously known structure. The only available anchorage is whatever you have created within yourself. Such total freedom can be daunting when it is first encountered.

32  Verity

Verity means truth, reality, and actuality. The 32 is part of the doubling sequence which tells of structure (see 4 above here). Now we meet the real structure (unlike 16). Ten Wheels of Light and twenty-two Paths on the Tree of Life totals 32 (10+22).

33  Tantra

Remember that the 3 was born neuter but became hermaphrodite? Now the entity which is a total merger of male and female will face itself and unite with itself and another - irrespective of what type of body it is inhabiting at the time.

34  Birth

The 9th Fibonacci number (see archive) - the position of mystery in the spiral of growth. In the context of the seeker's journey, this is a birth into a completely new type of existence.

35 to 39 unknown.

And out of sequence...

40  Endurance

The frequently occurring biblical expression “forty days and forty nights” is just an old Hebrew cliché for “a very long time”. So the implication of endurance is obvious. The Hebrew letter whose value is 40 is mem, a mother-letter literally meaning “water” - actually referring to “the root powers of water” implying that which gives birth to water or causes it. Unclear where that takes us, but it seems relevant.

Next month we will look at the extended grid.

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