Enhancing a Four Bottle Reading with Numerology

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The underlying concept:

The sequential order of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles, which yields their numbers, is an important aspect in understanding the knowledge system they reveal. The numbers give different information from the colours, as if we were viewing the same inner concept from a different viewpoint.

Let us illustrate this by putting a crystal on the north-east corner of a table:

Crystal on the North-East corner of a table

Somebody sitting north of the table would say, "The crystal is on the left." Somebody sitting east of the table would say, "The crystal is on the right." Both are correct. They are just different viewpoints of the same situation. Together they enable a two-dimensional view, as seen from above.

Thus studying the numbers of the Equilibrium Bottles looks from another direction at the essence of what the bottles portray. This concept enables us to see extra information when reading a four-bottle selection.

Step 1 for individual bottles:

(You may be familiar with this already.)

Add the digits of each single bottle until you reach a single digit, revealing what is "hiding behind" the selected bottle.

Some bottles reach a single digit immediately; for instance bottle 18 would reduce to a 9 directly. So bottle 9 shows an otherwise hidden aspect within bottle 18.

Other bottles need more than one transaction; for instance bottle 95 would reduce to a 14, then the 14 would reduce to a 5. So bottle 14 shows an aspect of bottle 95, then bottle 5 shows us the innermost aspect within that.

The principle here shows us that there are number-related "families" of bottles within the great family of the overall sequence. The bottles in the family of the 6 would be: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78, 87, 96, and 105 because all these numbers reduce to 6. So these bottles would show the theme of the 6. Some people may even call it the evolutionary story of the 6. Within this family there is a sub-family of the 15 including 69, 78, 87, and 96 which reduce to a 15 before they reduce to the 6. Higher numbers (without bottles) would be part of the sub-family of the 24 if their reduction route went through that number, as in the case of 879 or 3, 768 for instance.

Step 2 adding bottles:

We need an example selection to illustrate this, so I will use the selection 60, 48, 69, 54, which is a very old workshop selection used with the permission of the person concerned.

The number of the first selected bottle (soul bottle) added to the second selected bottle (mission) shows the soul's view of the mission.

In our example, 60+48 = 108 would show the soul's view of the mission. As we do not have a bottle 108, we reduce it (1+0+8=) to 9. Thus bottle 9 shows the soul's view of the mission in the case of our example. So in this case the Crystal Cave of the Heart within the Heart brings a hermitic quality to the soul's approach to the mission. Other than this hint, I will not be giving interpretations of the example we are using, because this article should not become over-specific. Notice that the 9 is what the fourth selected bottle (54) would reduce to individually.

The numbers of the first three selected bottles (soul, mission, and present) when added show the story so far.

In our example, 60+48+69 = 177 would show the story so far. This reduces to 15 and then to 6. Notice that bottle 15 (clear/violet) is a colour inversion of the selected bottle 48 (violet/clear). Notice also that the 6 is what the first and third selected bottles reduce to individually. The first reduction of the second selected bottle (48 reducing to 12 clear/blue) shows the colour inversion of the first selected bottle (60 blue/clear). Such direct relationships between the selected and hidden bottles are common when using this technique, especially if the selection is one which the subject has stayed with for some time.

Adding the numbers of all four selected bottles shows the overall picture.

In our example 60+48+69+54 = 231 which reduces to 6. This is the third time that bottle 6 has been revealed by the example selection.

An experienced numerologist would identify that 231 is all the numbers from 1 to 21 added together. Because of this, the older traditions of numerology would call 231 the " secret key" to the 21. So now bottle 21 reveals an inner aspect of the overall picture. You can work out the other "secret keys" for yourself by progressively adding all the numbers from 1 upwards. [1+2=3 so 3 is the secret key to the 2. Then 1+2+3=6 so 6 is the secret key to the 3. And so on...] There will be more about this in a future article.

Adding only the numbers of the first and third selected bottles shows the soul's view of the here-and-now.

Example 60+69 = 129 which reduces to 12. This is the second time the 12 has been revealed, and it is the colour inversion of the soul bottle.

Adding only the first and fourth bottles shows the soul's view of the future.

In the example 60+54 = 114 which reduces to 6 - the third time the 6 has been revealed here. Such repetition, whilst not unusual, can show a purposeful integrity of structure in the selection.

How is this technique affected when bottle zero is one of the selected bottles? Clearly zero plus any number is the same number, so at first sight bottle zero may appear to have no effect. In reality, bottle zero brings a meditative quality to the concept being examined, and it incorporates a special awareness of the Source. So whilst it does not change the number to which it is added, it does change the viewpoint from which it should be seen.

Enhancement of this Technique:

You may wish to include the examination of return bottles, if your Aura-Soma training has reached that level.  So in the example we used, you would also interpret the fact that the 6 returns as bottle 84.  This would especially be worth doing for hidden bottles which occur several times.

Do not confuse the client:

In a workshop, or when you are experimenting with and practicing this technique in private or with a fellow therapist, it is helpful to lay out all the additional bottles which are revealed. When one bottle occurs many times you would find yourself resorting to paper substitutes. The technique does need some practice before using it "live".

Please never lay out any extra bottles during a reading for a normal client.  It would cause them serious confusion.

The easiest way to use the technique during a normal reading is, when the client has completed their selection but before you start to interpret it, just say "I need to do a couple of calculations" and work out all the additions and reductions on a piece of paper which is not shown to the client. This short delay is accepted by clients as part of the process, so it does not interrupt the flow of your reading. Thus you have all the extra information you want, and the client is not faced with anything they have not selected.


This month's question is:
What do you feel about the ethical aspects of digging for extra information which the client has not chosen to reveal overtly?

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